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A New Year Brings New Changes to Social Media Marketing

Change. It’s one of those words that will make most people cringe when they hear it in today’s society. However, as we know, change is inevitable and bound to happen.

As marketers, we are aware of the constant changes happening in social media and throughout the digital marketing world. Right when we are used to doing things a certain way, it all becomes different. At The Brandon Agency, we embrace change. We believe change and evolution are keys to growth, both professionally and personally.

When we look back just five years ago, there was no Instagram, Pinterest or Snapchat. Facebook had just created the ‘Like’ button and MySpace was still the place to be. The New Year will bring many changes to the world of social media.

The New Year means the need for new strategic marketing plans and marketing budgets to fund the execution of those plans. If your company does not have a social marketing strategy in place for 2015, then you’ll want to work to develop one quickly. A social media marketing budget in place without a well thought-out plan as to how to best those dollars will likely leave you disappointed in the end.

Why is this focus on social media marketing so important? Again, back to change. In a recent study, we learned that one quarter of the world’s population is now using social media! Whether we like it or not, consumers are shaping their buying decisions and developing their brand loyalties more and more through the influence of social media.

Listed below are the top 5 social media marketing trends we expect to see in 2015 and how you should embrace them to help your brand succeed.

1. Going Mobile

We hear it all the time that more and more people are spending time on mobile. In 2015, this is truer than ever before. When we really think about it, mobile is the closet way to get to your potential customer. A recent statistic showed that Americans are now spending at least 90 minutes per day on their phone! It’s time to start thinking mobile-first.

2. Video

Video is now going to be bigger than ever and is ultimately the best way to grab a customer’s attention and draw them in. All it takes is a quick 15- to 30-second video to do so. Video isn’t just considered YouTube, as it previously had been. Looking across the social platforms, video is available on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and many others. Brands need to take advantage of these social platforms and determine which one is best for their company. Social media has made video a simple, easy and effective way to reach a possible consumer.

3. Content

In 2014, content marketing grabbed our attention. In 2015, content creation will continue to be key in order to have success. When building content on social media, it is important to remember that you want to build brand awareness. It is the place to create a story of the brand and truly excel in customer service. While making a sale by leveraging the web and social media is a worthy pursuit, there are far greater aspirations. In 2015, it’s time to ensure that you are maintaining relevance with content, especially on Facebook. New policies have been put into place highlighting and reinforcing that content must be relevant and interesting to show up in a user’s news feed.

4. Real-Time Marketing

Keep a calendar of all of the major events happening throughout the year and stick to it. If we learned anything from Oreo’s “Dunk in the Dark” Tweet during the 2013 Super Bowl, it’s that real-time marketing is a huge piece of social marketing. More and more consumers are interested in an interactive experience and the ability for the marketer to provide real-time feedback.

5. Be Prepared to Pay

As mentioned before, it’s important to have a budget allocated to social media. We can’t expect to be able to advertise and build our brands for free. In 2015, companies should be implementing strategies for paid advertising across all platforms. From sponsored posts on Instagram, promoted pins on Pinterest and a variety of available Facebooks ads. Determine your target audience and decide which social channel is appropriate for your brand to be a part of when it comes to paid advertising.

In 2015, social media will become an even more critical part of a company’s integrated marketing strategy. It’s extremely important that consistency in messaging and branding flow across all platforms, from PPC and SEO to public relations and social. Advancements in social media and, more importantly, the growing number of consumers leveraging social to make buying decisions, suggests that organizations should look to allocate even more funding to leverage this marketing platform to fuel overall growth.

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