13Aug 2018
By Ed Lammon

Based on a new report from The Nielsen Company, the casual observer might envision that two U.S. industries are especially poised to benefit from the media-consumption habits of the 21st century American — the fitness industry and the marketing industry. As for the former, we’ll leave that topic to another company and another blog. But when it comes to marketing, we see loads of opportunity (and some significant insights) in the report’s findings.

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08Aug 2018
By The Brandon Agency

From the smallest of start-ups to the biggest of international corporations, businesses of all sizes can reap the benefits of social media marketing and brand-building. Vast segments of the consumer population are active on social media (over 80% of the U.S. population had a social media profile in 2017, according to estimates), and social media gives businesses the opportunity to engage with these potential consumers, begin building a rapport and, ideally, create loyal customers. Further, the leading social platforms also allow advertisers to — perhaps more effectively and more granularly than with any other advertising avenue — specifically target their messages to consumers based on demographics, interests and behaviors.

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24Jul 2018
By John Williamson

If your e-commerce store is on Magento, then you probably already know it’s arguably the most powerful, most customizable shopping cart platform out there. The trade-off, of course, is that Magento is not very intuitive, and while it has the potential for strong technical SEO, its out-of-the-box settings are far from optimal.

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11Jul 2018
By Lindsey McRae

As Instagram continues to progress its capabilities as well as compete with platforms like Snapchat, YouTube and others, content marketing strategy has to evolve with it. With the recent launch of IGTV, individuals and marketers have taken to the platform to give it a go - whether that means repurposing video content from other platforms or building out new, custom content for its long-form, vertical video capability.

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11Apr 2018
By Courtney Olbrich

The Brandon Agency is monitoring the data issues within the Facebook platform very closely as we move forward with Facebook/Instagram advertising for our clients. While the breach that was reported recently is certainly concerning, it is helping to shed light on how important it is for users of the platforms to evaluate what information they are sharing publicly. The only information that could be harvested in this breach is the data that Facebook users share publicly on their profiles or what they have posted on someone else's public profile. This is public information only, but not any data they have set as private. This is an important issue in the digital age and will help reinforce the need for people to monitor and regulate the information they're sharing publicly while online, both on social media and throughout the internet. 

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23Feb 2018

2018 Marketing Trends

Dustin Glendinning
By Dustin Glendinning

A new year brings new expectations. Here, we look at what we can expect from marketing trends for the new year.

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22Jan 2018
By Scott Brandon

I love what I do. Marketing is a fast-paced, complex, problem-solving business that involves science, art and, most of all, focus. Having been in this business now for over 24 years, I am often asked for advice from those just getting into the business as to things they should be doing to be successful. As 2017 came to a close, I decided to jot down a list of things that I think are really important to becoming and remaining an excellent marketer. These are the rules that I live by and that I try to reinforce with our team on a daily basis. Hopefully, there is something in here that will help you.

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15Jan 2018
By John Williamson

As Google, Bing and the rest attempt to improve their search results and drive ad revenue, here are 8 trends – and predictions thereof – that you can expect to see over the next year in Search. Presented complete with tips on how to prepare for and capitalize on them, all of these should dictate your SEO and digital marketing strategies.

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10Oct 2017
By Colin Mulqueen

Outstream video can give you a video presence where there appears to be none and an ability to incorporate content that might otherwise be off limits if you don’t have your own video database to pull from. ALL of this, along with the increased effectiveness of video advertising, is sure to improve your numbers.

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