10Oct 2017
By Colin Mulqueen

Outstream video can give you a video presence where there appears to be none and an ability to incorporate content that might otherwise be off limits if you don’t have your own video database to pull from. ALL of this, along with the increased effectiveness of video advertising, is sure to improve your numbers.

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13Sep 2017
By Cassidy Graves

One of the most popular social networks worldwide, Instagram gives brands the ability to tap into their target market like never before. Further, Instagram is constantly upgrading to better compete against other platforms and to become more effective and efficient for users and brands

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23Aug 2017

Media lists are an essential part of every public relations professional’s career. We dedicate a decent amount of our time to researching publications and to finding the new, appropriate editorial contacts needed to build those golden media lists that every public relations professional yearns for.

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09Aug 2017
By John Williamson

Usability testing is, as the name suggests, an attempt to evaluate a product’s usability, or ease of use, by seeing if its design fits the user’s natural expectations in an efficient, effective and satisfying manner.

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02Aug 2017

Go Live or Go Home

Johnnie Sharp
By Johnnie Sharp

The latest evolution of online video, live streaming, capitalizes on social media users’ appetite for online videos and increasing preference for mobile devices — and the asset’s growing popularity has pushed brands to utilize it for their own social efforts. 

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26Jul 2017
By Denise Dionne

Seeing a high level of responsiveness to your content among your followers is definitely a sign of success in your social media strategy, so it’s important to leverage tactics that not only can better your engagement, but also translate into favorable outcomes like leads and sales.

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24Jul 2017
By Missy Thompson

Creativity. Who better to speak to this topic than a Creative Director, right? The title sets the stage for a person with imagination, a willingness to dream and a lack of fear. A Creative Director is expected to offer unique solutions to marketing challenges, to think outside the box and to search for a disruptive way to tell the story of any product.

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27Jun 2017
By Ed Lammon

While few of us go to such lengths to correct the everyday errors that annoy us, all editors have their pet peeves — misspellings and grammatical goofs that just drive us crazy.

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19Jun 2017
By Denise Dionne

A brand’s logo must be simple, yet still convey the ethos of the brand in a way that resonates with consumers. They have to be timeless and distinct, but still modern and consistent with contemporary graphic design trends.

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