The Agency

One day, we woke up, looked in the mirror and discovered something quite revealing. We were no longer a traditional advertising agency.

We had evolved into something bigger. We had become marketers vs. advertisers. And with this role, came responsibility.

The world around us was changing. The ways people communicated had grown exponentially. The interaction between people and the products and services they bought was different.

Creativity was always an asset. But, the realization made it clear that we were more than a traditional agency, beyond just promotion. Throughout this evolution, we found ourselves digging deeper into the other aspects of marketing – price, product, place, as well as promotion.

This realization honed our approach. We invest time and resources to gain a deep understanding of our client’s challenges. We employ marketing fundamentals and creativity to break through the noise and actually affect measureable change.


How we’re different

The difference is in the approach.

There is an old cliché, “Every problem looks like a nail if all you have is a hammer.” In the not-so-long-ago past, agencies were afforded the luxury of being good at advertising and promotion – a hammer. By employing traditional disciplines, they were able to offer their clients a solution.

But again, the world has changed. And people continue to change with it.

Thus, the evolution of The Brandon Agency’s approach.

We learn. We dig, deep. We observe. We hypothesize. We research. We analyze. We dissect. A well-defined problem is a problem half-solved. Then, we create. And we go.

Seems simple. Right? Not so fast – many agencies continue to get it wrong by failing to make the time investment up front to thoroughly understand the consumer, the problem and the implications of their solution.

We do.

Our Marketing Approach

All that we do here at The Brandon Agency comes down to good marketing. Whether you’re trying to get new customers or do some internal marketing and get your employees psyched to be at work, The Brandon Agency, a leading regional marketing agency, can help you do it.

We use a variety of platforms, from digital to traditional, to help your business accomplish its goals and get measurable results. In this age of the Internet, it’s important to have experience in all areas and, well, we do.

Media and technology have changed. Today’s consumers are different. As a result, the way we communicate has changed. Yesterday’s consumers have advertising directed at them. They viewed the message after it had been shaped. Now, they are more informed, connected, skeptical, empowered and demanding – all because of the Internet and social media. They seek out the communications with the goal of shaping, engaging and actively participating in the messaging. Therefore, to be effective in reaching and engaging today’s consumer, we always start with the end in mind – our clients’ most desired response – and build.

By combining the traditional agency disciplines into a more efficient and effective structure, we have identified consumer-engaged channels to break through the information clutter.

Paid channels – include any paid media.
Earned channels – include PR, reviews, blogs, social networks posts, tweets.
Owned channels – include website, employees, in-store, database, social networks posts.

Our History

The Brandon Agency owes its start to a bank. Well, a bank and spare time. Fifty years ago, Cecil Brandon came to Myrtle Beach to begin a banking career. As fate would have it, he arrived a few months early, so with time on his hands, he decided to take photographs around the beach and sell them as advertising postcards out of the trunk of his car. Had Cecil arrived a few months later, The Brandon Agency might very well be Brandon Banking today, but thanks to some spare time, an advertising agency was born, and Cecil never looked back.

A half a century later, The Brandon Agency has flourished into a full-service integrated agency with national clients and 100-plus employees. We’ve been through many changes and “facelifts,” as some might call them. Yet, we still approach each day and client with that same hunger and entrepreneurial drive that our agency was founded upon back in 1959. Hey, it’s just who we are.

In 2004, The Brandon Agency proudly announced the opening of an office in Charleston, South Carolina in order to serve our growing client base in the Charleston and Hilton Head areas, and in November 2008, we opened a Charlotte, North Carolina office. Most recently, we aquired Benghiat Marketing and Communications in Cleveland, OH and merged with Wilson Lass in Breckenridge, Colorado to become Wilson Lass Bradon. With clients in Alabama, Georgia, Maryland, New York, Virginia and Michigan, we might just be opening an office near you soon.