Our People

  • AveryAshley

    Avery Ashley

    Account Coordinator & Jr. Project Manager

  • AlyssaBaumbick

    Alyssa Baumbick

    Media Coordinator

  • Aaron Carter

    Aaron Carter

    Senior Copywriter

  • Alex Kosov

    Alex Childress


  • Amanda Eckley

    Allison Eckley

    Senior Public Relations Manager

  • Alex Kosov

    Alex Kosov

    Web Developer

  • AbbieLutz

    Abbie Lutz

    Media Planner

  • Annabella Ortiz

    Anabella Ortiz


  • Amanda Stanley

    Amanda Stanley

    Accounts Receivable Associate

  • Clay Abney

    Clay Abney

    Public Relations Manager

  • Casey Kupper

    Casey Kupper

    Public Relations Manager

  • Colin Mulqueen

    Colin Mulqueen

    Associate Creative Director

  • CatherineQuant

    Catherine Quant

    Social Content Strategist

  • Caroline Schmidt

    Caroline Schmidt

    Media Buyer

  • Dawn Temples Knopoff

    Dawn Temples Knopff

    Account Manager

  • Daryl Lubinsky

    Daryl Lubinsky


  • Ed Lammon

    Ed Lammon

    Managing Editor of Agency Content

  • Elizabeth Galloway

    Elizabeth McKnight

    Senior Project Manager

  • Eli Pacheco

    Eli Pacheco

    Content Writer

  • George Constantine

    George Constantine

    Account Manager

  • Grant Fanning

    Grant Fanning

    Social Media Manager

  • Garrett Nevin

    Garrett Nevin

    Front End Developer

  • Haley Brandon

    Haley Brandon

    Analytics & Data Specialist

  • Haywood Brandon

    Haywood Brandon

    Account Coordinator

  • HaleyRojas

    Haley Rojas

    Senior Social Media Manager

  • Woman at the beach

    Jami Boettger

    Project Director

  • Jennifer Funk

    Jennifer Funk

    Junior Art Director

  • Joanne Goheen

    JoAnne Goheen

    Executive Assistant

  • Kaitlyn Allison

    Kaitlyn Allison

    Associate Creative Director

  • Kirby Altman

    Kirby Altman

    Senior Marketing Manager

  • Kat Bush

    Kat Bush

    Senior Designer/Senior Art Director

  • Kelsey McEntee

    Kelsey McEntee

    Project Manager

  • Kristen Novak

    Kristen Novak

    Traffic Coordinator

  • Kristi Raines

    Kristi Raines

    Content Director

  • Kristi Shea

    Kristi Shea

    Ad Operations Associate

  • Kimberly Smith

    Kimberly Smith

    Office Coordinator

  • Kelly Whaley

    Kelly Whaley

    Email Marketing Specialist

  • Kelli Woodell

    Kelli Woodell

    Designer/Art Director

  • Lynne Boykin

    Lynne Boykin

    Senior Account Manager

  • Lisa Capparella

    Lisa Capparella

    Accounting & Human Resource Associate

  • Lisa Cartrette

    Lisa Cartrette

    UI Designer/Developer

  • Lizzy Smith

    Lizzy Smith

    Junior Art Director

  • Lauren Spagnoletti

    Lauren Spagnoletti

    Account Manager

  • Maura Clark

    Maura Clark

    Associate Social Media Manager

  • Megan Galage

    Megan Galage

    Account Manager

  • Mo Grisham

    Mo Grissom

    E-commerce Specialist

  • Mark Harrison

    Mark Harrison

    Optimization & Analytics Specialist

  • Marissa Locher

    Marissa Locher

    Project Manager

  • Martin Montoya

    Martin Montoya

    Media Planner

  • Maria Peters

    Maria Peters

    Digital Analytics Coordinator

  • Michelle Bisson

    Michelle Willis

    Art Director/Digital Asset Manager

  • NickEscobar

    Nick Escobar

    Account Manager

  • Rawan Elbadawy

    Rawan Elbadawy

    Media Coordinator

  • Sabrina Beaver

    Sabrina Beaver

    SEO Specialist

  • Sam Cacace

    Associate Campaign Manager

  • Woman with parrot on her shoulder

    Sherry Moats

    Associate Media Buying Director

  • Samantha Philip

    Samantha Philp

    Account Coordinator

  • Svetlin Roussev

    Svetlin Roussev

    Software Developer

  • Stephanie Warren

    Stephanie Warren

    Account Manager

  • Talia Patterson

    Talia Patterson

    Media Buyer

  • Todd Reed

    Todd Reed

    Senior Art Director

  • TagVinZant

    Tag Vin Zant

    Senior Producer

  • Valerie Roy and her family

    Valerie Roy

    Project Manager