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In today’s busy and cluttered business environment, brands need to strategically differentiate their organization’s products or services more than ever. We are a strategy and insight-driven marketing firm — and one of 24 nationally certified brand strategists — who focus on uncovering one of the most valuable assets within your organization — the brand. We deploy a research-based, unique, and proven process to help organizations uncover what makes your organization different and, more importantly, integrate it into every aspect of daily operations.


Convergence evaluates the current state of your brand and seeks out consumers’ perspectives based on their behaviors, motivations, and experiences — while recognizing the competition’s influence and position — and brings together the key thoughts, ideas, and cultural considerations to develop a single-minded platform from which your brand can flourish. We are one of only 24 Certified Brand Strategists in the United States, and our proven brand development process focuses on understanding your customers, what they want, who you are as an organization, why you exist, why you’re different and why that is important to your customer.


Convergence Defined

Convergence is a highly strategic and disciplined process designed to create tangible and intangible connections between your consumers and your brand. For your brand, the Convergence process will focus on amplifying consumer appeal and, in turn, creating/enhancing the awareness, perception, and, most importantly, the value of your destination.

Convergence extends beyond the traditional framework of “marketing” by recognizing the importance of your brand as a business asset. Through a clear understanding of your business objectives and strategy, we are able to create synergy between your business strategy and marketing strategy, allowing for the development of an overall organizational strategy.

Convergence is very much a collaborative process. By seeking the perspectives of key stakeholders (management, staff, consumers, partners, suppliers, influencers, etc.) throughout and outside the organization (regardless of size), we focus on synthesizing the various thoughts, behaviors, motivations, and actual experiences that shape the perception of your product/service/brand. The result is a single-minded platform that resonates with all stakeholders and allows for the development of deep and valuable connections with your consumers.

We make the execution of the Convergence process a low-stress, highly engaging approach for management and marketing teams.