Additional Brand Strategy Services

Demand Satisfaction

Our customer satisfaction studies show you how well your company exceeds, meets, or fails to meet customers’ needs. Over time, these measurements provide deep insight and provide a path to understanding of ways to fine-tune customers’ brand experience.

Pricing Analysis

How do your consumers perceive value relative to your brand, product or service? By deploying a pricing study, brands can effectively evaluate the value proposition in the minds of their consumers – ultimately determining whether you are priced to high (where consumers are either misunderstanding the value proposition or the pricing is just too expensive) OR you are potentially leaving money on the table (creating a question of lack of quality in the mind of the purchaser). In any case, right pricing is crucial to owning your brand space.

Conjoint Analysis

If you want to know what product elements might add more value in the mind of your consumer, consider a conjoint analysis study. The research design allows the respondent to make trade-offs with a series of product features. For example, would your consumer consider option A more important than option B? Using a variety of well-chosen options, conjoint analysis can shed light on the optimal mix of features for your brand.

Mystery Shopping

Your investment in frontline staff helps ensure the customer experience unfolds as designed. However, when staff training is complete, how will you know if it’s translating into positive real-world interactions? Mystery shopping allows for a “shopper” — who understands the ideal shopping scenario — to impartially evaluate whether staff training has been effective at the point of delivery. Your report will offer insight on how to further train talent that will, in turn, create a better overall customer experience.

Custom Research

Need some research tailored just for you? Tell us what you want to better understand. Whatever it is, we can create a methodology that will generate useful data you can act on. Because we’ve built our reputation on our research, you can also count on us to interpret the data and offer insights that will directly address your business goals.