Brand Strategy » Enculturation


As part of the journey, it is critical that your business strategy aligns with your brand strategy and your people strategy. (Too many organizations say all the right things and then contradict themselves with their business strategy/actions or their HR/people strategy). The benefit of Enculturation is the integration and operationalization with your employees and key partners to help them better understand what you stand for and present a clear, consistent message and image. This process ensures that an organization doesn’t go through the motions of brand development only to “park” the final report on a shelf and revert to what it has always done. Enculturation is a management process that ensures that an organization’s brand culture/strategy is maintained, not just at the launch, but also indefinitely.

Enculturation is the solution:

  • Integrate your company’s values with employees and key partners
  • Operationalize your beliefs so they become a regular part of all processes
  • Create consistency by always thinking of your brand, your why, your purpose