Doctor meets with patient

New Report from Brandon Reveals Surprising Healthcare Habits in the Southeast

Brandon, a leading integrated marketing agency working across many industries, including healthcare, announced the release of its new Regional Insights Report based on first-party research. The Brandon Strategy and Research team surveyed 300 consumers across the region to better understand their healthcare habits. 

Cary Murphy, Chief Strategy Officer, underlines some key insights from the report:

  • Patients in the Southeast prioritize preventive care, with 38% of respondents focused on early check-ups and proactive health habits.
  • There is exceptional doctor loyalty in the region, with 83% of respondents having a trusted primary care physician, and 65% reporting being extremely satisfied with them, significantly higher than numbers seen in other national surveys.
  • The Southeast embraces new technology. Nearly half (48%) reported embracing telemedicine and find it a valuable option, and most envision AI playing a positive role in making healthcare better and more affordable.
  • One area where the Southeast does align with the rest of the country is with patients’ concerns around affordability, with 61% noting this was their biggest healthcare concern.

“The Southeast is a unique market,” said Murphy. “With this study, we found that patients hold their doctors close, champion prevention, embrace technology, and crave affordable options. Healthcare marketers in the Southeast should dig into these themes further, interrogate their first-party data, and make sure their messaging is resonating.”

Brandon supports various healthcare sector clients, including Wilmington Health, Tidelands Health, Stance Healthcare, CareSouth Carolina and more.

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