Why Every Company Needs A Crisis Team

When a company experienced a crisis, it used to be that they had two luxuries that are hard to come by in today’s world: time and privacy, even if limited, to figure out how to handle it. Thanks to the internet and social media, organizations and brands must be more agile than ever to manage various crises properly. 

From supply chain delays to employee incidents or illnesses, what defines a “PR crisis” runs the gamut — and how and when a company responds determines its longevity and impact. So how do brands respond and quickly move forward from the crisis? It all starts with a strong foundation: a trusted team.

Traditional guidance hinged heavily on the almighty crisis communications plan. But while plans are important, any static prepared material is not fast enough to keep up with today’s internet-fueled rumor mills. That’s why there’s no replacement for living, breathing crisis communications professionals who possess the character traits and organizational knowledge to thoughtfully navigate whatever comes your way. Below are just a few of the benefits of trusting PR or strategic communications professionals to lead your team through a crisis:

You know your brand deeply, + they know how to message on that

Even C-suite executives can get caught in the weeds when asked to define their company’s values or mission. A communications professional’s job is to distill what’s true about who your company is and why you do what you do. Being armed with those messaging truths is critically important to focus audiences back on what you’re doing well and why they should continue to trust you in a moment of crisis. 

You’re focused on internal stakeholders + they’ll channel empathy for external audiences

When in crisis, it’s common for senior leaders to calm nerves by gathering internally and providing the team with the assurance they need to move forward. Your communications team, meanwhile, will glean the best parts of these internal conversations for external messages that tell customers, “We hear you, and we’re working on this.”

You can get back to work, + they’ll step into the trenches

Mitigating crisis incidents is a time-exhaustive commitment. Executives still have a business to run, no matter how deep the crisis runs — so having a trustworthy PR team in place means company leaders can get back to business as usual sooner. Your crisis communications team is prepared to step into the fray on your behalf, and you can continue leading your time while receiving only pertinent information from the crisis front. 

You can safeguard your reputation + they’ll take one, literally, for the team

In times of crisis, one misspoken word and the media is on your tail questioning your company values. An experienced and skillful PR team is the first to defend you. They will work to ensure accurate and consistent messaging reaches the public, and incorrect or negative information is avoided. A dedicated PR team will work tirelessly to regain control of your narrative and create an “I know this brand, I trust this brand” mentality for the public.

Although time and privacy may seem like delicacies, the more you rely on your PR team’s commitment, experience, and strength, the more the public will trust you. Rather than diverting your attention away from your employees, the wisdom a PR team provides will protect your brand’s privacy, image, and reputation effectively. Rest assured, knowing your brand is taken care of by experienced professionals. Reach out to our experienced PR team at Brandon.

Casey Kupper

Casey Kupper

Public Relations Manager

Casey is a PR Manager with five years of experience managing public relations campaigns for clients in tourism, events, automotive, finance, and many more. She lives in Nashville, TN, and when she is not working, she can be found searching for Music City's best restaurants and music venues.

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