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As I write this, it is June 14, 2020. Our economy is officially in recession, unemployment sits at over 13%, states are gradually reopening following the shutdown, and our society is rebelling loudly against racial injustice. With fears of a second wave of coronavirus infections, a shaky economy and no vaccine in the near future, the future is hard to predict. However, I believe that as an agency and as individuals, we are emerging from this crisis stronger and better.

The purpose of this letter is to simply say THANK YOU. Thank you to our incredible clients, who have been extremely understanding throughout these challenging times as we shifted to remote work, got in the groove with Zoom and accepted our challenge to take advantage of these significant shifts in consumer behavior.

Thank you to our dedicated team — it has certainly been a wild ride these last 12 weeks. When others were stepping back, YOU STEPPED UP! You exhibited excellent situational awareness, mobilized quickly, responded with urgency and solved complex problems along the way. Many of you juggled child care, homeschooling and other challenges with poise and grace. Your teammates filled gaps, and most of all you supported and cared for one another and our clients. I will never be able to thank you and your families enough.

Having four offices and several remote team members, we were already set up to work remotely. That part was easy. What was harder is that we successfully navigated the new normal with no layoffs, no pay cuts and no furloughs. We have doubled down on enhanced data-intelligence tools, research and consumer insights in order to continue to creatively solve problems and drive increases in sales. Many of our clients are thriving and embracing the adoption of enhanced digital solutions. We are emerging from all of this better, stronger, smarter and more agile than ever before.

Thanks so much once again to you all — you continue to inspire me every day.