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Regional Insights & Trends: Healthcare Habits in the Southeast

Forget the national headlines painting healthcare with a broad brush. In the Southeast, a unique patient story unfolds, one that deserves its own chapter. Our research marketing team at Brandon surveyed 300 folks across the region, and their voices paint a picture of priorities, preferences, and yes, even a few challenges. Let’s dive into the data:

Prevention First

Patients in the Southeast aren’t waiting for the warning lights to flash. A solid 38% prioritize preventive health care, taking charge of their health with early check-ups and proactive habits. They are more likely to take their vitamins now to avoid the prescriptions later.

Doctor Loyalty

In this land of strong communities, loyalty runs deep. A staggering 83% have a trusted primary care physician, and 65% are very satisfied with them. That’s significantly higher than the numbers seen in a National 2022 survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation (showing only 64% of American adults having a PCP).   

Convenience Rules

When it comes to scheduling an appointment in the Southeast, simplicity reigns. Phone calls are far and away the preferred way to schedule (52%), followed by online options (25%). Contrast that with the national preference for online scheduling (42%), with phone calls coming in second (38%).

Bring on the New Technology

Nearly half (48%) have embraced telemedicine and find it a valuable option, while another 23% are curious to explore its benefits. Looking towards the future, most envision technology, particularly AI, playing a positive role in making healthcare not only more affordable but also better.

Affordability Blues

While they love their doctors and prioritize prevention, the cost of healthcare is a constant worry. A full 61% say affordability is their biggest challenge, and in this regard, they are in alignment with the rest of the Nation.

Network Know-How

When it comes to healthcare systems, our respondents like their options big and familiar. 46% prefer doctors who are part of a large, established network, offering the comfort of a connected team and resources.  

Choosing a Doctor

When it comes to choosing a doctor, Southeast residents prioritize qualifications and bedside manner over demographics. While almost half (48%) wouldn’t mind a doctor from any school as long as they’re qualified, experience and communication skills are most important. Respondents want doctors who listen attentively, demonstrate kindness and knowledge, and make appointment scheduling a breeze. While some appreciate doctors with similar backgrounds, the majority (48%) seek competence and care above all else, painting a picture of patients prioritizing substance over superficial similarities.

The Bottom Line

The Southeast’s healthcare narrative needs a rewrite. Patients hold their doctors close, champion prevention, embrace technology, and crave affordable options. Healthcare marketers in the Southeast should dig into these themes further, interrogate their first-party data, and make sure their messaging resonates with the market.

Stay tuned for deeper dives into regional trends, tech’s role in healthcare, how to win-over dissatisfied patients, and get practical tips to help with all your healthcare marketing. Download our full report on healthcare habits in the southeast, here.

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Cary Murphy

Chief Strategy Officer

Cary Murphy is our Chief Strategy Officer at Brandon. He has been in marketing for over 30 years, starting his own agency from scratch and growing it into a market leader. He sold his agency to Brandon in 2016 and joined their leadership team, bringing his expertise to a wider audience. He’s also our category leader for B2B and CPG, working with clients such as Nucor Steel, Wastequip, Green Giant, Idahoan Foods, and Victory Beer. He helps clients create brand stories and strategies that increase sales, boost customer loyalty, and generate media coverage. He doesn’t settle for the status quo or conventional wisdom. He finds hidden connections and patterns and turns them into compelling narratives that resonate with customers. Cary is a smart and inspiring leader who challenges and supports his peers to do their best work. He believes that discipline is more important than motivation, and that good habits are more powerful than goals. Cary is a leader who combines talent, experience, and passion, with something else. A skill that he learned and honed over decades of practice and experimentation. A skill that helps him uncover the remarkable in both people and products.

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