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Move Your Amazon Listings to the Head of the Class — With A+ Content

As the world’s leading e-commerce marketplace, Amazon can undoubtedly offer big growth opportunities for brands that choose to sell their products there. But these big opportunities also attract large numbers of rival sellers, bringing high levels of competition to the platform in every major product category … and even in nearly every imaginable niche.

As a result, seizing any opportunity to stand out from the pack on the platform can be critical to a brand’s Amazon sales success. And right now, one of the biggest ways for eligible brands to optimize their Amazon listings is by leveraging A+ Content — a built-in feature that the e-commerce giant describes as a “tool to describe your product features in a different way by including a unique brand story, enhanced images, and text placements.”

So just what is A+ Content, which sellers can take advantage of it, and how? Read on for a rundown on the basics of employing this helpful tool for your brand, along with how to optimize your Amazon listing with it.

What is A+ Content on Amazon?

Amazon’s A+ Content consists of two distinct content types:

1. Appearing in the Product Description section of the Amazon detail page, the Enhanced Product Description option offers sellers a chance to make product descriptions stand out from typical entries with added length and premium features such as:

  • Customized paragraph headers and images
  • Distinctive image and text layouts
  • Bulleted feature lists
  • HD videos up to 3 minutes in length
  • Product comparison charts

2. Appearing in the From the Brand section of the Amazon detail page, added Brand Content is designed to better inform consumers about the brand, its history and its values, as well as to offer a deeper-than-usual dive into its product lines. The premium listing elements that can appear here include:

  • A carousel display delivering a full-screen background on desktop and mobile devices
  • Image and text cards
  • Links out to the brand store

When brands that sell on Amazon add A+ content to their product detail pages, the enhanced product listings can help deliver more traffic to their offerings on the platform, higher conversion rates and, when implemented effectively, increased sales. Further, all of these benefits can work together to boost a brand’s performance-based rankings on Amazon, resulting in higher placement on the search results page when consumers are shopping for products the brand offers.

Who can use A+ Content?

Amazon allows any professional sellers who are brand-registered on the platform to employ A+ content. Further, members of certain managed selling programs on Amazon such as Amazon Launchpad are entitled to use A+ content. Once approved, sellers can add A+ content to listings that are part of their approved brand catalog. Participating sellers can add A+ content to up to 15 Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs) — the unique 10-character numbers Amazon uses to identify specific listed products — per month.

How can my brand leverage A+ Content?

Once they’re enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry, professional Amazon sellers can add A+ content to their listings by logging in to their account in Amazon Seller Central. Once logged in, a seller can go to “Advertising” in the top-of-page navigation bar, then choose “A+ Content Manager” from the drop-down menu there.

A button on this page will allow sellers to start creating A+ content for their individual product listings. From there, the process is fairly intuitive, with fields in the A+ Content Manager form prompting sellers to enter info and upload images for listing elements such as:

  • content name
  • language of choice
  • brand logo
  • image keywords
  • product description copy
  • optional added modules for differing types of A+ content layouts
  • images and videos

Once their A+ Content is created, sellers will want to ensure that it is applied to the proper products using the “Add ASINs” section of the form. Next, sellers will be prompted to review the new A+ Content they’ve created, then submit it for Amazon approval, which is typically provided within one to two days.

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