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How the PR Game Is Changing in 2024

If you work with a public relations pro, you likely know that their world is evolving. More reporters are working remotely, and sadly, many newsrooms have shrunk, taking journalists’ days from busy to swamped.

That’s where a good PR partner comes in: someone who can answer reporters’ questions before they know they have them or help them fill a story gap in a bind, someone who can talk the talk of a niche trade industry, and someone who can convey a brand’s story in a concise but impactful way. In order to do all of these things, we must understand the changing dynamics of the public relations industry and stay two, sometimes three, steps ahead. 

We’re highlighting three PR trends that have been at the top of our minds (and our plans) at the start of this year. 

Enhancing communication with AI

In Muck Rack’s State of AI in PR 2024 study, 64% of PR pros said they’ve adopted AI in their work. What’s more, 74% believed it improved the quality of their work. So, how is artificial intelligence used in the world of PR?

  • Automated media list builders based on reporter beat, location, industry classification, and more
  • The ability to see what day and time a journalist is most likely to open a pitch
  • Pitch and press release generators that learn your voice style
  • Writing suggestions to help fill in content gaps
  • Subject line recommendations for better open rates

But, it’s imperative to still do your homework to keep your pitch from ending up in the dreaded trash folder—or even from getting blocked if you miss the mark. Your best bet is to utilize technology for efficiencies but seek out genuine connections with journalists on a human level. Relationships can never be replaced.

Thinking beyond the bylined article

As our team tackled 2024 planning, we found ourselves thinking outside of the (traditional PR) box more often than we were inside it—all in the name of more coverage for our clients. You may often hear about the need for thought leadership, but that can take shape in a myriad of formats: bylined articles and white papers, yes, but also podcast appearances, industry webinars, trade show speaking opportunities, partnerships with influencers or even a joint activation with a like-minded company.

Another consideration: Do you need to look at pay-to-play options to get your foot in the door with a coveted print publication or blog? The media landscape continues to evolve, and sometimes, this can be a great way to get your editorial pitches prioritized.

Revisiting your KPIs

Gone are the days when reach is the only figure we’re tracking. With tools like Propel’s PRM system, we’re able to gain more insight than in years past. The one we’re most excited about? Tracking editorial traffic. That’s tangible ROI!  

We can also track domain authority (also known as Moz score), ad equivalency, sentiment, and audience location, and we can even pull a word cloud of the most commonly used words in coverage over time. The measurement world is your oyster! So, share your top three marketing objectives, and lean on your PR partner to customize the metrics they’ll track to best suit your needs.

Could your brand use the help of a team of seasoned marketing professionals to maximize the effectiveness of its PR? At Brandon, our team of certified brand strategists and data-driven marketing experts has a wealth of experience helping brands make the most of their PR efforts. If you’re looking for a PR agency that will evolve with you, reach out to us.

Kelsey Dixon

Kelsey Dixon

Associate PR Director

Kelsey is our Associate PR Director based in our Charlotte, NC office. She guides and oversees all PR strategy at Brandon, while also directly managing accounts. Her experience spans categories including B2B, retail, finance, building materials, waste and recycling, textiles and manufacturing. She and her husband share two lovable dogs, Millie and Hallie.

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