Public Relations Services

Press monitoring

Press Monitoring & Analysis

“If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” Similarly, our team works to ensure your brand finds your audience. But if we don’t track that information for you, then no one can hear the response. And no one can react appropriately. Around the clock, we want to be there to hear what’s being said about you. We monitor both the coverage we work to place for you and the coverage that snowballs from that.

Calendar scheduling

Strategy & Planning

In our comprehensive annual PR plan, we first help you set a baseline by researching past coverage and PR efforts. We also establish action items and KPIs to reach your goals. Our strategy is fueled by:

  • unveiling intriguing storylines and pitch angles
  • breaking down target audiences
  • outlining different media and influential outlets
  • developing supporting content and assets
  • creating new, press-worthy opportunities

We build you a layered annual calendar and execution plan. And, through it all, your KPIs are king—so we constantly monitor progress to ensure we are on track.

Media relations

Storyline & Media Relations

The key to a successful public relations strategy is a strong story. Long gone are the days of blasting out press releases and hoping for the best. We create demand and buzz through carefully crafted pitches to media, influencers, and ambassadors who speak to your target audience. Stories—meaningful ones that reach your audience—don’t just write themselves.

We’ve mastered dozens of ways to generate creative content for clear and persuasive messages, including:

  • Press Kits (Print & Electronic)
  • Press Releases
  • Message Playbooks
  • Specialized Pitch Decks
  • Webcasts
  • Podcasts
  • Blog Posts
  • Byline Articles
  • Op-ed Articles
  • Public Service Announcements
  • Video News Releases (VNRs)
  • Video & Photography
  • Newsletters
  • Speech Writing
  • Award Nominations
  • Testimonials
  • Letters to the Editor

Strong media relations means being relevant, timely, and interesting. We are a constant resource for editors, writers, and journalists in many industries — and we have the trusted relationships to prove it.

An all-encompassing media outreach strategy requires personalization. It includes building targeted media and influencer lists and providing clients with media training. We like to be “media bulldogs” who always keep our clients top of mind. On a daily basis, we are collaborating with journalists, creating influencer partnerships, pitching interviews with editors, and mailing products for reviews to earn coverage for our clients. Our specialties include:

  • Media Training
  • Media List Development
  • Editorial Pitch Calendars
  • Influencer Campaigns & Partnerships
  • FAM (Familiarization) Tours
  • Desk Side Meetings
  • Product Mailings
  • Gift Guide Pitching
  • Press Conferences and Events
  • Press Clippings
  • Media Analysis “Riding a News Story” (and capitalizing on micro-moments)

Crisis & Reputation Management

Navigating through a crisis situation can feel overwhelming. Our expert team is ready to provide thoughtful counsel and restore confidence and control. Our goal is to preserve your reputation while quickly resolving a crisis situation with positive results. We analyze and envision past, present, and future scenarios to prepare for all possibilities. In your moment of crisis, all hands are on deck with around-the-clock press monitoring, client media training, research, messaging and content development, press conferences, media interviews, and more. But most importantly, as trusted media resources, we focus on delivering accurate information to the appropriate contacts.

Strategy meeting

Media Analysis & Measurement

Through consistent analysis and news monitoring, we know how to find opportunities that connect your brand with new and relevant target audiences. We utilize modern campaign analysis and reporting tools to measure the responsiveness of media and the audiences they are speaking to. By consistently reviewing your results, we can deliver the most thought-provoking information to top-tier media targets to generate earned media coverage and brand awareness. To maintain transparency, we provide you with detailed monthly, annual, and campaign-specific reports.

Smiling people picking up trash

Corporate Social Responsibility

Thoughtful leadership and giving back are invaluable parts of modern business culture. A successful brand provides meaning for its customers, employees, and leadership. We begin with a discovery phase to help align your core values with your business goals. We then create provocative, experiential campaigns to help activate your brand’s mission. The goal is to create community, consumer, and employee support—while also making the world a better place.