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Facebook: The First Five Steps

By now you probably realize Facebook is here for the long haul. Maybe you protested the use of Social Media as a marketing tool or maybe you have a personal page and just never got around to starting your company page. We can’t stress enough that now is the time! Sign up for a page. It’s easy and most importantly it’s free.

According to their latest release, Facebook now has 829 million daily active users. That’s 829 million captive audience members waiting for you! To reach them, here are 5 steps to take to make sure you get lik

Profile Picture

Facebook has recently taken a more visual approach to their profile pages and newsfeeds. Your profile picture is a chance for you to identify yourself. This photo should be 160×160 pixels and reflect your brand. It will appear beside your posts and should serve as a tool for fans to recognize your brand.

Cover Photo

Your cover photo is your chance to shine! This photo should be captivating and entice users to take a closer look at your page. This photo can also include messaging for special promotions but there are guidelines for doing so (See Facebook Page Help)

About Me Section

Do not skip over this section! Update this section to explain your brand or products. Fill in as much of the section as you can and make sure your contact information is correct. The About section is now a tab at the top of your profile page, it’s important because if someone cared enough to look there you want to them to get as much information as possible. You also want to make sure your website is listed so that if they are looking for more information then they know how to find it.

First Posts

You are probably anxious to start inviting friends to like your page, but before you do make sure you have some exciting and engaging content to interest them once they get there. The most successful social media pages are the ones that post meaningful, useful and entertaining content. Remember you are now in a very competitive space where brands are vying for the attention of users. Make your content original or share things from partner brands. Log milestone dates to your wall like when your brand started, when you moved to a permanent location, stores you opened and partnerships you entered. People like brand pages to stay in the know. They want the latest and greatest information and they expect a little more behind the scenes action than what they would get from visiting your website.

Invite Friends

You’re all set up and now you need likes. If you have a personal page invite your friends. Make sure to add links to Facebook from your website and encourage your customers to “like” you. You can incorporate Facebook logos into any preexisting marketing tools. As you continue to grow your page you might also consider Facebook ads to help grow your fan base. To find out more about Facebook ads click here.

These are very basic steps to getting started. Once you are set up you should follow similar brands and partners to see what successes they are having. When posting remember to ask yourself if the information on your page is entertaining, useful or meaningful to my fan base. Facebook insights will help you figure out the best time for posting to your fans and your Facebook. With all of these tips combined you are on the right track to managing a very successful page!