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Facebook Ads and Why You Need Them

Facebook currently has 1.19 billion monthly active users, and while you won’t be able to speak to them all, there is definitely a HUGE audience out there when it comes to your brand or product. And while Facebook has long been considered a free product, the company is increasingly requiring people to pay to for reach. That’s why we highly recommend businesses on Facebook to run ads, especially with the latest algorithm update.

Facebook recently announced they are removing sponsored story ads on April 9, 2014, but even with the removal of these ads, there are still several types to choose from, and you can now select your ads based on objectives, a big improvement for Facebook advertisers.

With each ad type the business page has the ability to choose to place the ad in the newsfeed or right hand column, or both. There are a number of targeting options available including location, age, interests, gender and more. Business pages have the option to choose who will see these ads, including fans of the page and potential fans.

Here’s a quick rundown:

Page Like Ad:

Jasper's Market FB

The primary purpose of a page like ad is to get people to like your page. This ad allows businesses to select the message and photo to use. The primary purpose of these ads is to grow the audience you’re connected with on Facebook.

Page Post Photo Ad:

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A page post photo ad is perfect for increasing engagement with current and potential customers. Also, it helps drive brand awareness.

Page Post Text Ad:

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This type of ad is the same as a page post photo ad, however it is just text.

Page Post Video Ad:

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A page post video ad is a perfect way to get your message across. On a mobile phone the video with automatically begin playing at the user scrolls through the news feed. It’s a great tool that encourages users to share with their friends.

Page Post Link Ad:

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A page post link ad is best for getting customers to a businesses website. It helps increase online sales and lead generation. With this type of ad the business is able to link the potential customer to any specific page on their website.

Offer Ad:

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An offer ad is best used for getting potential customers to make a purchase online or in store. Typically ads will include a dollar or percentage off or codes to be used at check out.

Event Ad:

Jasper's Market FB

An event ad is a great way to make customers aware of a special event happening for the business and gives them the ability to join. Once the user has joined they will get reminders or any updates about the event. It’s also a good way for the business to see how many customers are possibly attending.

Boosted Post Ad:

Southern Tide FB

Another type of ad is a boosted post. This is a method for businesses to get users to see and engage with important messages, which can include special offers, compelling content, events or a product push. Boosted posts will appear higher in the news feed, making it easier to reach your targeted audience.

At The Brandon Agency, we highly recommend putting together a budget for Facebook ads. Select a budget that can be spread out through the different ad types. Does your business use Facebook ads? What results have you seen?