Dawn Knopff

Brandon Bio: Dawn Temples Knopff

Dawn is a Senior Account Manager for Brandon. Prior to this role, she worked in many positions on both the client and agency side of marketing. Throughout her career, she has worked in the entertainment, telecommunications, hospitality, real estate and retail sectors. 

How long have you worked for Brandon? 

I have worked here for almost three years.

Could you share a few details about the favorite part of your role and/or the team at Brandon?

I love the client interaction. Coming from the client side in previous roles, I know that they face a lot of pressure and juggle a lot of responsibilities, so if I can help them to strategize, stay organized and exceed their goals, then I’m doing my job. I strive to be their best resource — the person that they come to with questions — and I love that I get to be a problem solver and to help them to test new ideas.

What has kept you working here/brought you here?

I love that Brandon has a family-first core value, because that aligns with my personal values. Also, Brandon has such a great reputation — they have been around for decades and yet stay cutting edge in terms of the market and technology today. 

How has your role/career changed over the time you’ve spent working at Brandon?

In my time at Brandon, I have been able to help different kinds of clients, from businesses that are service focused, to B2B and ecommerce. I feel that I have learned from each of these different experiences. I have also grown in my role to work with other Account Managers more closely, and I feel that I have successfully helped many of my clients to grow and expand their relationship with Brandon. 

What stands out to you about the culture here at Brandon?

The thing that stands out the most about the culture at Brandon is that hard work, a data-first strategy and real care for your clients and co-workers makes a difference and makes us the agency that we are. People trust us to help build their brands and hit their sales goals, and that is because we are smart and dependable. 

Is there a favorite project that you have worked on during your time here?

I think that if I had to pick a favorite project that would be tough, but overall launching new campaigns for clients that can translate over media, their owned assets and into their corporate communications is always exciting. I have a few clients that we have done this with that pop into my mind. Starting from just pitch ideas to seeing these ideas come to life with new creative and photo/video shoots, and then reporting back on the performance of new campaigns is really rewarding to me. It’s like a full-circle process. 

How has the agency evolved during your time here? (if applicable)

Brandon has evolved and expanded in a lot of ways since I came on board. They have acquired other companies to really become experts in niche areas like production and SEO/SEM. They have also expanded the content team and invested more in storytelling in general. 

How has your professional development been supported by Brandon? Any specific experiences you’d like to share?

Brandon is always helping us to learn and grow and stay on top of current trends. From lunch and learns, webinars, and encouraging us to take time for research in our client industries to getting GA4 Google-certified, there are always ways we are encouraged to learn.

If you didn’t work in Marketing/Advertising, what would you be doing?

Maybe I would be in the event-planning world. I have dabbled in events in past roles, and I did consider some opportunities that were event focused, but Marketing/Advertising has always been my calling.