We’re Business to Business Marketing Experts.

Businesses selling to other businesses are everywhere you look, offering a vast and diverse range of products and services.

Yet in the marketing world, we lump them all together and refer to them simply as “B2B”. Let’s be clear – working with a B2B company represents a serious commitment – A commitment to understanding complex products, services, and customers at a very deep level. We view B2B differently because the strategies and tactics for selling directly to other businesses require time, attention, and an entirely different playbook.

When you’re selling products or services with a six-figure price tag, your customers proceed with great caution.

Marketing at this level requires that you be a psychologist, a researcher, an analyst, a teacher, and a storyteller. You must have empathy for your customer, and understand the pressure, tension, and personal risk involved in their purchase decisions.

To connect with your customers, you must leverage all the tools at your disposal.

Provide them with compelling content. Reach them where they are, with the right balance of respect and persistence. Drive high-quality leads. Oh, and every expense … every … single … expense … must be measurable. Your tactics must be honed until their ROI can be proudly shared in your next presentation.

We get B2B. We ARE B2B.

Brandon works with some of the largest B2B companies in the world (and plenty of smaller ones). If you’re looking for a new marketing partner, you won’t regret giving us a call.

Our B2B Marketing Experience

  • Allied Air Enterprises Inc
  • Atlas Copco
  • Continental Corp
  • Foodbuy
  • Harsco Rail
  • ICL
  • King Machine
  • LeeBoy
  • DegreeOne
  • Nucor
  • ScanSource
  • Sonoco
  • Spx
  • Wastequip
Cary Murphy


Charlotte Regional President and Head of Strategy and Planning, B2B Category Expert

Cary is the Charlotte Regional President and Head of Strategy and Planning for Brandon and currently leads the B2B Marketing Specialty Team.

He has been in marketing for over 25 years, starting his own agency from scratch and growing it into a market leader. He sold his agency to Brandon in 2016 and joined their leadership team, bringing his expertise to a wider audience.

As our category leader for B2B and CPG, he works with clients such as Nucor Steel, Wastequip, Green Giant, Idahoan Foods, and Victory Beer. He helps clients create brand stories and strategies that increase sales, boost customer loyalty, and generate media coverage. He doesn’t settle for the status quo or conventional wisdom. He finds hidden connections and patterns and turns them into compelling narratives that resonate with customers.

Cary is a smart and inspiring leader who challenges and supports his peers to do their best work. He believes that discipline is more important than motivation, and that good habits are more powerful than goals. 

Cary is also a leader who combines talent, experience, and passion, with something else. A skill that he learned and honed over decades of practice and experimentation. A skill that helps him uncover the remarkable in both people and products.


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If you’re looking for a new marketing partner, you won’t regret giving us a call.