6 Do's & Don'ts for your Next Livestream

6 Do’s and Don’ts for Your Next Livestream

In our last blog, we highlighted 8 ideas for livestreams that are likely to lure in the viewers. This blog will go into detail of 6 best practices to keep in mind for your future livestreams:

1. DO prepare in advance

One drawback to livestreaming: Once you go live, you can’t hit the pause button to fix any problems that may arise. So it’s vital to make preparations in advance so that you’re ready and optimized when your live post begins. Among the important items to check off your preparations list are ensuring that your Wi-Fi connection is strong enough to carry your stream without buffering delays and stoppages (or even better, present your livestream via a hardline connection); having your presenters rehearse what they’ll say (as much as possible, anyway) well before the filming starts; anticipating what questions you might receive, and having answers prepared. Further, you’ll want to take steps to promote the news of your livestream in advance, including the date and time so that your followers will know when to tune in.

2. DO encourage interaction

Engaged viewers are much more likely to develop a relationship with your brand, and there are clear steps you can take during a livestream to get your audience more engaged. Among them: Speak directly to your audience members. Field questions from audience members in real time via instant messaging or posts in the comments section of your video. Ask them direct (and interesting/thought-provoking) questions, followed by a request that they add their answers in the comments section. When viewers do add comments to your post, be sure to respond with comments of your own. The more you can spur friendly interaction with your viewers, the more they’ll feel connected to your brand — and the more likely they are to do business with you.

3. DO have someone on hand to monitor your livestream

When you’re doing the streaming and/or filming, you’ll likely be unaware of any problems that may arise with your video quality, sound, feed buffering, etc. To ensure that you can be alerted to any technical difficulties that may arise with your livestream, enlist an employee (or friend or family member) to watch the livestream as it happens, and have a communications plan in place so that the person in this role can quickly let you know if any issues pop up that you may be unaware of.

4. DON’T stress too much over production value

Sure, brands want their advertising content such as commercials, instructional videos about their products and services, etc. to be professionally produced, delivering a polished and professional look and feel. But livestream audiences are typically less concerned with production value than with entertainment and engagement — and in most cases they don’t expect a high-budget production. Case in point: Consider all the YouTubers who have developed broad and loyal audiences using nothing more production-wise than a smartphone, basic lighting and a microphone. So don’t fuss too much over production quality in a livestream — what’s more important on this platform is to express your brand’s personality, to be genuine and to invite viewers into your world.

5. DON’T be inconsistent

Especially if you’re staging a regular, recurring livestream, be sure to keep the day and time of your presentations consistent. This way, as your livestream develops a following, your viewers will know exactly when to tune in, hopefully even carving out the time in their routine to regularly tune in.

6. DO sign off with a clear CTA

Any viewer who has stuck with your livestream all the way through to the end is likely to be at least somewhat warm to your business’s offerings. Be sure to end your livestream by encouraging those still in attendance to take whatever action you’ve chosen as the end goal of your efforts, whether that be to follow your brand on social media, to visit your website to learn more, to share their thoughts in the comments section of your post, or anything else you consider an effective step developing a stronger relationship with your viewers — and ultimately growing your business.

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Ed Lammon

Ed Lammon

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