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8 Ideas for Livestreams That Are Likely to Bring in the Viewers

When it comes to social media efforts, every brand is looking for ways to cut through the noise and catch followers’ attention — or even better, for ways to broaden their base and reach new consumers. And in the digital age, there are few more effective ways to reach customers both new and old than via video content.

Consider these statistics supporting the notion that video is the clear king of the online environment:

  • Consumers are viewing online video at increasing rates worldwide, and by 2021, the average viewer is expected to spend a whopping 100 minutes per day watching online videos — representing a 19% increase from the 84-minute average in 2019.
  • 84% of consumers say that a brand’s video content has swayed them to purchase a product or service.

Further, in the social media world, one highly effective way to catch and keep the attention of those scrolling through their news feeds is with a livestream. In fact, according to research, viewers spend an average of three times as long watching live video as they do watching pre-recorded video. For consumers, the allure is undeniable: Livestreams offers a chance to witness an event as it’s happening — unedited and unfiltered — and get a true feel for the person or brand presenting the content in real time. And for brands, the longstanding lure of live video ramps up the opportunity to capture consumers’ eyes, as it’s simply hard to turn away from an in-the-moment virtual interaction.

The challenge for brands with livestreams, though, lies in deciding just what to present when the camera starts rolling. Consumers rarely want to sit through a sales pitch, of course, and want to be presented with content that provides useful information or entertainment value.

Have no fear, though — at The Brandon Agency, we’re here with help for brands who might be drawing a blank regarding just what to livestream. Consider these eight ideas for livestreams that are sure to capture the attention of existing followers and new audiences alike:

1. Host a Q&A session:

No matter what products or services your brand is selling, consumers are sure to have some questions about it — especially if your offering is a unique one. And who better to answer their questions than you, live and (almost, anyway) in person? After all, you’re the definitive expert on your brand, what it does and how it can meet consumers’ needs. A live Q&A session is easy to stage, it increases consumer engagement, and it offers a great way to shine a light on your brand’s offerings and personality. Further, based on the questions you’re asked, it can give you ideas for future content, plus give you a feel for your brand’s performance and consumer perceptions about it.

2. Teach viewers how to use your product or service:

Especially if your offering isn’t a common one that viewers already know how to use, the livestream offers a great avenue for providing product demonstrations to interested consumers. And if your offering is one that most viewers are already familiar with, you can always point out unique features that make your offering stand apart from the competition, or offer unique uses for the product. For example, an electronics brand could showcase new product features and demonstrate exactly how to use them, and a grocery store could have an especially good cook on the staff share tried and true recipes using the ingredients the store offers.

3. Announce a new product:

When your brand has a new offering, reward your social followers (and start spreading the word) by letting them become the first to know. The live broadcast gives you a chance to provide a product demo with the announcement, and the exclusivity you offer to your followers will help you build brand loyalty among them. One note: When you go this route, you’ll want to build anticipation (and an online audience) by informing followers of the upcoming event’s date and time. Create some suspense by refraining from sharing too much info before the reveal — rather, just let followers know that a big announcement is coming and leave the actual news as an in-the-moment surprise. Further, rehearse your new product announcement/demo in advance to ensure that you’ve got an engaging performance ready to deliver.

4. Showcase your company culture:

Whether it’s via streaming a company party, giving viewers a tour of the office or bringing followers along as your crew helps out in the local community with a group volunteer effort, any livestream that gives viewers a taste of your company’s personality and culture is bound to draw interest. Further, letting your followers get an “in-person” feel for your company culture is a great way to build a bond with your brand’s consumers — and hopefully even take a step toward customer loyalty.

5. Interview a special guest:

Got a respected industry insider visiting your store or office — or even better, on staff? Come up with a set of questions that will pique the interest of your followers, and sit down with the “celebrity” for a Q&A that you broadcast live for your followers. Or, building on the “showcase company culture” theme mentioned above, put together a list of fun questions for one (or more) of your employees, and deliver the queries and subsequent responses during a livestream.

6. Present a recurring show:

Brands looking to deliver knowledge and value to their followers on a consistent basis can launch a regular show on a topic (or a range of topics) of importance to their industry or specific vertical. Individual episodes of the show can focus on trending industry topics, recent events, best practices related to the brand’s products and services, etc. When done well, such a series can both keep viewers coming back and help establish your brand as a go-to expert in its field.

7. Broadcast from a live event:

Whether your brand is hosting an event, is attending an industry gathering or conference, has employees helping with a community volunteer effort, or is simply celebrating a birthday or other occasion, live events offer a great way to showcase the brand, highlight its culture, and/or exhibit its industry and community involvement. And even when the production value isn’t especially polished, viewers tend to be enticed by the opportunity to follow the action in the moment.

8. Take viewers behind the scenes:

When viewers are granted access to an area or a bit of info that isn’t available to the general public, it helps create a stronger bond between the brand and the consumer. So, especially if your brand has something of special interest in the works, seize the opportunity to share an insider’s look with your followers in real time. And even without an out-of-the-ordinary happening to showcase, viewers are likely to appreciate the special treatment/VIP feel that any behind-the-scenes look will provide them.

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