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The Brandon Agency Tapped to Develop New Website Platform & Messaging Strategy for Security Finance

The Brandon Agency, the only certified brand planning Agency in South Carolina, has been selected to deliver a brand messaging strategy and develop a new website platform for Security Finance.

As one of the most experienced marketing firms on the East Coast, The Brandon Agency will conduct market research that will help Security Finance identify opportunities within current and potential market segments. The agency will also be transforming the user experience with the development of a new website built upon an improved Content Management System (CMS) that incorporates more robust administrative tools, improved usability of current website features, and a creative overhaul to account for user needs and mobile compatibility. Additionally, content from two other sites ( and will be migrated into the same Security Finance platform to enhance the ease of updates and content management.

Headquartered in Spartanburg, S.C., Security Finance offers traditional installment loans, which vary in amount and terms and available ancillary products based on the state of operation and the type of license obtained within that state. The company prides itself on providing fast and personal service by being readily available for customers’ financial needs. Security Finance operates daily with the objectives to provide a positive and rewarding work environment for their employees, to continue profitable growth and increased value for shareholders, and lastly, to make personal and financial contributions to the communities in which they operate in.

“We are honored to work with such a notable industry leader like Security Finance,” said Scott Brandon, CEO of The Brandon Agency. “Security Finance puts a large focus on their fast and reliable solutions as well as their unmatched customer service. So we are on a mission to create a compelling brand message that will effectively speak to Security Finance’s audiences and wow them with a website that will take them through a visually appealing and user friendly experience.”