Post-Covid Consumer Study

The Brandon Agency Releases New Post Pandemic Consumer Study

Today, The Brandon Agency, a data-driven, integrated marketing services firm, with a focus on health and fitness clients, releases its first-ever study titled, “The New Fitness and Nutrition Consumer,” following the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the health, fitness and nutrition industries feeling the impact of COVID-19 more than most, and the world beginning to re-open, The Brandon Agency embarked on an ambitious national consumer study to understand how the mindset of fitness and nutrition consumers has changed.

The Brandon Agency’s research focuses on three primary areas:

● How have fitness habits changed, and how will they continue to adjust in the year to come?

● What does nutrition look like in a world that’s become more dependent on delivery than ever before?

● How have health and safety expectations of gym users evolved? And how can brands reach this new audience with their marketing?

Study findings show an overwhelming majority of consumers plan to make health and fitness a top priority in their lives, and more than half say they plan to get their bodies into “excellent” condition throughout the coming year. Prior to the pandemic more than half of consumers worked out in a gym, but only 2 in 5 fitness consumers say they plan to return to the gym as frequently as they did before. These home fitness consumers plan to make additional equipment purchases this year, with weighted vests, suspension trainers and rowing machines topping the list. For those planning to return to the gym, cleanliness is a top consideration factor, followed by other factors such as quality and variety of equipment.

“It’s clear from our research that consumers are prioritizing their health in the wake of the pandemic, and that their workout and shopping habits have changed, perhaps permanently. While most are ready for a return to normal, many have discovered ways to incorporate healthier habits into their time at home. There are some great insights for marketers in this study,” said Cary Murphy, Regional President and CPG marketing leader at The Brandon Agency.

Results also reveal that fitness consumers are more likely to cook at home frequently and are most interested in eating organic and raw foods, and even more vegan and vegetarian options. Regarding actual health supplement products, two thirds of consumers said that pills, tablets or capsules were their preferred product type. Many consumers are also interested in shakes and smoothies, while about a third of the audience is looking primarily for green juices, liquid supplements or powders.

“As the shift towards a new “norm” continues, consumer behavior data is all the more important for industries like health and fitness,” says Scott Brandon, CEO of The Brandon Agency. “Knowing how to redirect efforts to better reach consumers is paramount for businesses to make that shift successfully.”

To read more about this study, please download the white paper summary of the research findings by visiting