Innovation & Resilience Award

The Brandon Agency Receives 2021 Innovation and Resilience Award

The Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce has awarded The Brandon Agency with the inaugural Innovation and Resilience Award for 2021. The honor recognizes a company who has steadfastly weathered the COVID-19 pandemic with creative and innovative business ideas, while remaining responsive and adaptive to their clients.

During a time when many companies were struggling to stay afloat, TBA was able to adjust quickly to meet the changing needs of the industry and their clients. The agency continued growing, avoiding layoffs and cementing their services as more essential than ever in this unprecedented economy.

The Brandon Agency led clients through unstable times and into success through robust direct-to-consumer marketing efforts. As the pandemic highlighted the growing need for direct-to-consumer strategy among many types of clients, the agency expanded its talent on their paid digital media, development, SEO, and analytics teams. This, combined with the agency’s strategies and execution teams, empowered clients to better utilize their owned media assets and AI-assisted paid digital buys, enabling TBA to overcome client losses from traditional channels.

Throughout the last year, the agency has also been able to explore what they could do rather than fixate on the limitations placed on new business opportunities during the pandemic. Face to face meetings with prospects were difficult, so the company bolstered its inbound marketing efforts to ensure they were easily discoverable by those looking for help. As a result, The Brandon Agency added the most number of new clients in its history this past year.

As a leader, The Brandon Agency’s CEO Scott Brandon believes that transparency, empathy, honesty, and communication were the keys to TBA thriving in these uncertain times, and he emphasized the importance of managers checking in with team members as people, not just employees.

At the core, this story of resilience is really one about the resolve and positive energy brought forth by the company’s nearly 100 employees. Their hard work, passion, commitment to excellence and overall ability to build trust with clients is what makes The Brandon Agency exceptional.