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The Brandon Agency has been named the agency of record for RePower South, an advanced recycling, recovery and reuse company, helping communities transform their municipal solid waste stream. The agency will provide RePower South with its integrated marketing services, including branding, website, search engine optimization (SEO,) creative, public relations and social media.

RePower South’s waste-processing platform recovers recyclable materials from the waste stream normally bound for landfill and further diverts other non-recyclable waste to manufacture its EPA-approved Advanced Biofuel. The Advanced Biofuel is co-fired with coal in utility electricity generation plants, reducing coal consumption, improving emissions and producing renewable energy.

“We are thrilled to be Repower South’s agency of record,” said Scott Brandon, CEO at The Brandon Agency. “RePower South’s patented technology, and ability to divert waste from the landfill and produce a renewable fuel source, will transform the waste and energy industries. RePower South and its products fit nicely in our strategic portfolio of energy clients on the generation side. We look forward to helping bring RePower South’s technology to as many communities as we can in the Southeast.”

“Our expert team has developed proven technology that diverts waste from landfills at less cost than current waste disposal for communities while producing a low cost renewable energy for utilities. It’s a win win for all the constituents we involve,” said Justin Converse, CEO at RePower South. “And our work with The Brandon Agency will help us share this technology with communities, industry influencers and county officials, as well as brand RePower South as a company changing the way we view recycling, waste disposal, and energy generation.”

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