Wilmington Health True Care campaign

The Brandon Agency Launches ‘True Care’ Creative Campaign for Wilmington Health

The Brandon Agency is constantly working to uncover business-building insights for our clients. Often, our marketing strategies include amplifying these insights to key audiences through creative campaigns. The latest example of this work in motion is the recent campaign we launched for Wilmington Health, a premier healthcare provider for Southeastern North Carolina.

Wilmington Health needed a new campaign that would empower primary care and specialty care customers to expect more from their healthcare experience, from both a cost and a value perspective — and trust Wilmington Health to deliver on those expectations. Armed with the insight that they offer this unique combination of quality and value vs. their competitors in the marketplace, as evidenced by consistently positive patient feedback scores, TBA set out to create a campaign that would explain the Wilmington Health difference to potential patients. The result was Wilmington Health’s ‘True Care’ campaign, which launched in November 2020. You can view the work here.

The new brand campaign positions Wilmington Health as the go-to provider for patients to find quality healthcare, including a full spectrum of care offering continuity of services, at a great value — all in one place.

“We are tremendously excited about the new True Care campaign. We feel that the clean look and strategic messaging set us apart. This will help to position Wilmington Health at the forefront of leading the Wilmington area toward becoming a destination for the best that health care has to offer across the nation.” Desirae Hrynko, Marketing Manager at Wilmington Health.

TBA looks forward to continuing to partner with Wilmington Health to grow their business and deliver quality care to a growing number of patients in the Southeastern N.C. region.