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The Brandon Agency Helps Bring Amazing Food to North Myrtle Beach

Food. Prepared to Amaze.

No gimmicks, no frills, no cutting corners. Just delicious food made from high quality ingredients at a fair price. It’s this simplistic approach to fast-casual dining that has catapulted Z’s Amazing Kitchen to the forefront of dining options in North Myrtle Beach.

Conveniently located at the main entrance of the Coastal North Town Center, Z’s Amazing Kitchen brings a unique culinary experience to the South Carolina coast. The first of its kind, this premium fast-casual restaurant boasts a 2,600-square-foot interior equipped with a state-of-the-art open kitchen where every dish is prepared fresh and hand-delivered to tables in 10 minutes or less. Order at the counter, grab a seat and Z’s will take it from there. Emphasis is placed on delivering a quality product using sustainable ingredients that satisfy the senses and is convenient every time.

Conceptually brilliant and a fresh-faced contender in the fast-casual restaurant rat race, Z’s Amazing Kitchen is the brainchild of life-long restaurateur and CEO Paul Zito, and longtime colleague and Director of Culinary Operations Joey Mead. The duo is first to admit that there are no delusions in the notion that opening a restaurant requires hours and hours of hard work on several fronts. Opening a brand new concept restaurant, however? Exponentially more difficult.

No one knows your name; no one has any association with your brand or products – your slate has never been cleaner. In that reality lies the greatest opportunity for creative intervention and story crafting. Enter: The Brandon Agency.

The message was simple: “Welcome to the world, Z’s Amazing Kitchen!” But a simple message carries no weight, has no legs to run without amplification. That amplification is never more crucial than in the weeks and months prior to opening your doors to the public. Here is where we shine. Here is where The Brandon Agency ignites a tactfully executed hybrid of brand and website development, traditional PR methods and best-practice social media to propel a brand into relevancy.

The process began with brand development. What defines Z’s Amazing Kitchen? What are the company’s core values? Who is our audience? What is Z’s point of differentiation? Once we were able to confidently answer these questions and dozens more like them, the road to relevancy began and positioning Z’s in a cluttered category was within reach.

Next came the creation of the perfect logo; one that embodies these core values and the brand positioning we introduced. After countless hours, tweaks and revisions, the team produced something clean, fun and indicative of the refreshingly friendly atmosphere.

With strong branding in place, now came the exciting challenge of exposing this new concept to the world, the amplification of our messaging. This included the creation of a sterling, interactive website, building presences on social media, outreach to media outlets and projecting the Z’s name through digital and traditional marketing initiatives.

The result of these hours and hours of hard work?

A booming first month of operation, including great exposure in the press and an organically grown, highly engaged social media following that trounced any expectation we could have possibly predicted. Merely four weeks after the creation of Z’s Amazing Kitchen’s Facebook page, our follower count exceeded 700. Z’s doors had not even opened to the public and we had a built-in audience who consciously expressed their interest in this brand new concept. Today, that number of followers is in excess of 1,200 and steadily climbing. This recipe of strong branding, differentiation, creating engaging content and making good-old-fashioned phone calls yielded one heck of a Grand Opening for North Myrtle Beach’s newest restaurant hot spot.

So cheers to you, Z’s Amazing Kitchen! We at The Brandon Agency are honored to have lent a hand in your early successes and look forward to many more. There’s no one we’d rather share a table with.

For more information on Z’s Amazing Kitchen visit or check them out on Facebook and Instagram.