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Health and fitness brands face extreme challenges: Technology, consumer buying behavior, digital shopping and unforeseen obstacles such as the current pandemic.

Just as health and fitness brands guide their customers to better health, Brandon can help you create and execute an integrated plan for optimum marketing health. Establishing a marketing strategy allows your business to devote time and resources to what matters most – serving the customers you have, and attracting new ones.

Vision and spending are unique to your brand – your marketing should be, too.

What’s the best, most efficient way to present your brand to those who need it?

A strong agency can help take vision into reality.

Brandon can see what you need now, and see around the corner to anticipate what will keep you moving forward tomorrow. Combine analytics, data and research, with a team of creative individuals who can put it all together for a flourishing campaign and plan. Let’s talk about what we can do together.

Our Health and Fitness Marketing Experience

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Kristi Raines


Marketing & PR Director, Health and Fitness Category Expert

Kristi is the Marketing and PR Director for Brandon and currently leads the Health & Fitness Marketing Specialty Team.

A results-driven sales professional, she thrives in fast-paced environments, consistently exceeding targets and exceeding client expectations. She possesses a contagious enthusiasm for building strong relationships and uncovering unique client needs. Leveraging a proven track record of success in health & fitness, Kristi is adept at identifying growth opportunities and translating them into tangible results. She is a master communicator, fostering clear and collaborative dialogue that drives strategic partnerships and propels businesses forward.

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