We’re Apparel Marketing Experts.

Your apparel line is much more than just pretty fabric. Our involvement is way more than just pretty ads.

We have a deep understanding of the business and shifts in consumer behavior. With a good mix of apparel clients – and continuous learning – we’ve built brands to double revenue and beyond. The retail space is under siege, so where can you make up ground? We find new channels, through data science, analytics, artificial intelligence, and more to amplify sales – and amplify growth.

We’re not selling apparel – we’re selling a lifestyle, one that people will gravitate toward, and forge an emotional connection.

Your line is individuals and lifestyles, not just function and fit. Brands have their own unique footing, demographic, and target audience. Brandon has a good grasp of what that’s all about. We’ll build a brand strategy that’s uniquecrediblerelevant, and durable. We’re business-minded marketers, with an understanding of your challenges and the numbers that drive growth.

We bring expertise in marketing, manufacturing, product development, and KPIs.

With easy insights from a constant state of learning, we can expand the universal appeal of a brand beyond current demographics. Brandon can do this by opening significant channels and building strategies to combat the challenges of a transforming industry. From packaging to customer experience, we bring a wealth of savvy to your business – with our sights set on the most incredible growth possible. Where do you want to go? Contact us today.

Our Apparel Marketing Experience

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Scott Brandon


​CEO, Apparel Category Expert

Scott is the CEO of Brandon and currently leads the Apparel Marketing Specialty Team focused on developing iconic, rapidly growing apparel brands.

A certified brand strategist and economist, he has been instrumental in developing and growing many successful human-emotion driven brands including Southern Tide, Yeti, Fish Hippie, Frogg Toggs and Heybo.

Brandon’s Agency’s Apparel Marketing team leverages powerful research tools, new digital platforms, brand strategy, authentic storytelling, unique experiences, engaging content, and one-on-one marketing tools to build deep emotional connections between client brands and audiences.

He is a proven leader with deep experience in the Apparel category. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of two lifestyle brand companies and frequently consults with new and emerging apparel/lifestyle brands. When not working, Scott is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys spending time with his family. He serves on the Board of Trustees for Brookgreen Gardens as well as three private company boards.

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