Why would you want to use dropbox?

Well, first of all, what is dropbox? It is a handy little tool for anyone who works with more than one computer, or has the need to deliver or receive files from others. Simply put, Dropbox provides online storage space.

On of the best features Dropbox has to offer is it’s deskto
p integration. No clunky interface, or hard to manage uploads. Your Dropbox appears on your desktop as a folder, and you can do any and everything to the files in your Dropbox folder that you would normally do to all of your other files.

When you are uploading a file, you simply drag and drop a file into the folder and Dropbox automatically uploads it. Every time you save or make changes to a file in your Dropbox folder, it is automatically uploaded with the most recent changes you have made.

If you are waiting for a file from someone else you are sharing a folder with? Dropbox will alert you either with Growl (Mac) or a toolbar popup (Windows), this will notify you that changes have been made to your dropbox.

If you have a file on your dropbox that you want to share with someone else, but don’t want to give them access to your other files, Dropbox lets you create public links for files in your public folder. Simply move your file into the public folder, left click it, select drop box and copy public link. Then simply paste the link into an email or wherever and you are set.

When you want to share folders, simply specify the email addresses of those you wish to share with, and if they don’t already have an account with Dropbox, an email is sent to them. This makes it convenient and easy to work closely with someone else on a project.

There is an alternative Web interface also available. Allowing you access to your files on any computer, even without the software installed. With the website interface, you get a more refined selection of options. The ability to view past versions of your files, retrieving files you have deleted, adding share folders, and more.

I do recommend Trying Dropbox. It is a great service and it will work for anyone having to deal with networks and multiple computers. it makes everything just so much simpler. Just a note, Dropbox has several different accounts you can get. One is a free account with 2GB of storage space, while there are Paid accounts that give you much more space and you pay a nominal fee monthly.

So, remember this … if you want – an online storage service with great integration, public links, share folders, cross platforms, FREE storage space, alerts when changes are made and an easy solution to sharing files, and working on different computers from different locations, then give Dropbox a try.