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Why PR and Social Media Are Better Together

You often hear that perception is reality, and while that may not be necessarily true, it certainly is when it comes to brands. Whether seen by a trade or consumer audience, the news they read and the videos they watch become their truth—and their buying power.

And today, your audience is most likely to come across your brand on their phone, when they receive an Apple News notification with this year’s list of the best new performance apparel or when they swipe up from an influencer’s product review on Instagram Reels. Behind this commonly consumed content is a team of PR and organic social media wizards.

When these two subject matter experts are closely aligned, our clients see the most impactful results. Reap these three benefits from working with an integrated content team.

Timing that’s on-lock

When we receive a project, we’re able to plan together from the start versus aligning on launch timing after the fact. Ideally, the press should receive your announcement before it’s published on owned channels (that’s why they call it the news!). Say a wire distribution goes out at 9 a.m., maybe your social posts are slated for lunchtime that same day. Even better, if journalists receive the news under embargo, they’re not surprised when they’re scrolling LinkedIn and you’re more likely to get positive coverage. Then, that third-party buzz naturally invites people to head to your social channels to learn more.

A greater pulse on your customers’ needs

Social listening is one of the best ways to stay in tune with your customers’ and prospective customers’ desires and to learn how your brand is being perceived at a certain time. If there’s a customer service or product issue, you’ll be sure to hear about it in Facebook comments. If there’s a commonly asked installation question or an ask for a new application, you’ll likely receive a direct message. Social media can help brands narrow in on the need sooner, then PR can help address them through thought leadership in the publications or blogs your audience reads. Use those spaces to answer questions proactively and on a broad scale.

Key message amplification 

Once there’s talk in the news about a new product or service, there’s soon to be buzz on social media, and vice versa! In fact, we often receive inquiries from broadcast reporters following up on something they saw on TikTok or Instagram. It’s the world we live in now, but it plays to PR and social teams’ benefit. We can and should keep each other informed. Reaching more consumers across more platforms with the same key messages will help you achieve your communications goals sooner and more effectively.

  The bottom line is you want to meet your customers where they are scrolling or reading. If you’re looking for well-planned execution, increased audience insight, and more eyes on your news, engaging a partner for both public relations and organic social media is the way to go. To learn more about how Brandon’s integrated content team can help, contact us today.

Kelsey Dixon

Kelsey Dixon

Associate PR Director

Kelsey is our Associate PR Director based in our Charlotte, NC office. She guides and oversees all PR strategy at Brandon, while also directly managing accounts. Her experience spans categories including B2B, retail, finance, building materials, waste and recycling, textiles and manufacturing. She and her husband share two lovable dogs, Millie and Hallie.

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