Understanding, It Can't Be That Hard to Understand

One of the most important things in advertising is being able to understand your client’s business. Without understanding the ins and outs of their business, it would be impossible to make successful advertisements to sell their products and services. That’s pretty well understood…

The point of this blog is to also emphasize the importance of understanding the capabilities of your own agency. In my time at The Brandon Agency, I’ve had the unique opportunity to live in a couple of the different “neighborhoods” within the company. Me, my work, and my computer have had the opportunity to reside in many different locals within the building. It started in PR. This is where I found out exactly what it takes to create a buzz, and how each of our PR professionals approach the task to make a brilliant story. Next I moved over to the administrative “neighborhood” and found out just how much it really takes to be the face of the business and keep the company running like a well oiled machine. In the midst of the account managers, I’ve seen some pretty amazing techniques used to take an idea and put that idea into tangible existence. Now, I’m finding out how our creative department manages to take an idea and collaborate together to form that idea into a piece of advertising material that encompasses the perfect look and feel for the client.

All in all, I’ve had the ability to look at what our company does from almost every angle. I’ve been able to gain a new perspective and new understanding of the challenges, victories, and everything in between a piece of advertising. I would recommend this to every company out there. Take a day to walk in another’s shoes. Look at a situation or an idea from a different angle. Understand.

How better to serve your client or your customer, than to know exactly how capable you are at meeting their needs.