Tips for Creating Facebook Content

Some of you may be wondering—what exactly is it those in social media do all day? There’s a lot more that goes into being a social media coordinator at The Brandon Agency that meets the eye, and careful planning and research is an integral part of the daily job.

One aspect of the job includes creating engaging and relevant social media content calendars (think Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest). Content calendars are important for any successful social media platform and there are a few steps that go into creating a calendar that will impress your client, generate results and leave impressions.


Many of our clients have a strong presence on Facebook and below we’ve compiled a list of steps on how to curate a successful Facebook content calendar:

– Plan Ahead

  • Plan ahead with your content calendar at least a week or two before the posts are set to run. We recommend planning your content calendars out for each individual month.
  • Think of questions such as: how many posts will we have per day? Are there are special holidays or observances coming up that pertain to your brand values? Does my client have a large event in the upcoming month? If so, include those.

– Brainstorm

  • Sit down and have a brainstorming session with your team. Sitting down and gathering ideas from others will generate more creative posts for content. On effective brainstorming tips, click here.
  • Find inspiration in current events, photographs, infographics, websites and so forth. How do you want your brand to be communicated to your Facebook fans? This leads to our next point…

– Think Like Your Audience

Think of ways you can make the content stand out but also reach to the audience your speaking to. Make sure the content you will provide is going to be relevant and distinct. Consider every aspect of your audience, including things like their location, interests and demographics. Keep the conversation within your brand’s ideals and make sure your don’t write like you’re writing a press release.

– Gather Ideas Together and Put Your Plan to Action

Now that you’ve planned ahead and brainstormed, it’s time to put your content calendar together. As your putting your calendar together, remember a few things:

1. Make sure all spelling and grammar is correct. It can take years to build a reputation and one post to ruin it.

2. Make your Facebook posts short and sweet, but also to the point. The longer the post, the less likely someone will engage with your content.

3. Include engaging and interactive content with posts that will make your audience feel involved and like they’re first-hand brand ambassadors.

– Post Your Content

Once you’ve put your content calendar together, review the calendar for mistakes or changes before sending to a client. Ask a co-worker to review it and see if they have any suggestions or changes that they see fit. Once you do this, send the calendar off to the client and ask for their approval. Once the calendar is approved, you’re ready to share your content with the world!