The Importance of Investing in Your Future

Sometimes I just don’t get it. Why employees don’t want to take advantage of a retirement plan offered by their employer. They always say “next year, I’ll start,” and before they know it, five years have passed. That’s five years they could’ve been accumulating savings for their retirement. And I’m not talking small savings here, I’m talking savings of approximately one million dollars if you invest $100 per month over 40 years. Talk about return on investment!

The Brandon Agency has a 401K Plan through American Funds. We have a very high participation from our employees and a very generous match from our employer. There are twelve investment options that employees can chose. Investing in a 401K Plan can provide long term growth of capital. Investment options include stocks, bonds and government securities. Investors can invest in dynamic sectors of the economy, international diversification, time-tested funds, bonds and fixed income securities. Investors can balance current income, capital growth and conservation of principal through their choice of funds.

With such a great plan, why doesn’t everyone invest? Investing is an individual decision based on your age, your risk management and your philosophy. There are no right or wrong decisions in investing, so just go for it! It is just good money management to invest in your companies 401K Plan.