Technology is such a broad topic, huh. One could go on for days talking about it, and even then, there are so many types of technology to talk about, we could be here for even a few more days. We use technology every day. It surrounds our every move and is surrounding us more and more as time passes.

Some people are consumers of technology, while others use it as a tool. Being in the IT field, one would think I love technology so much that I jump on every new advancement. Though, in IT we are not consumers. In IT we look ahead at what is on the horizon, but our nature is to move methodically and logically forwards, utilizing what is proven and stable so business will remain online.

As it relates to my work, technology is a tool to help people perform their job and here to make life easier and more productive. It is not considered a toy to play with or something to have just to have as a conversational piece. Thankfully in this world of abundance, there are a vast array of products to select from when looking for a tool to serve a purpose. Gone are the days of being stuck with a piece of technology because it is the only tool created to serve a purpose. It doesn’t matter what type of business, technology is here as a tool. A tool used for a purpose, a tool which will be upgraded, a tool always being improved, a tool with a short life cycle.