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Streaming TV vs. Network TV

Do you prefer watching your favorite shows on your own time or on network time?

Streaming TV versus live TV is a huge debate nowadays. Having your shows and movies just a finger swipe away, seems to be all the rage, no longer rushing to the couch to make it on time for that one show or
movie! It has assisted people in tailoring television to their schedule instead of being tied to the TV Guide.

With streaming TV, people can watch TV shows and movies in their homes, in non-traditional ways, without going to the video store (or RedBox), buying DVDs or even subscribing to cable or satellite providers.

Companies such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and VUDU are growing like wildfire while other services/ retailers like Blockbuster are working to generate ways to provide more compelling services and methods of delivery.

According to a recent survey by The Harris Poll, 78 percent of all Americans have utilized the varied technologies that enable us to watch TV shows on their own schedule.

The top methods of delayed watching include:

· On Demand services – 41 percent

· TiVo, DVR or other recording devices – 37 percent

· Netflix streaming services – 30 percent

· Purchasing/renting/ borrowing TV episodes or seasons on DVD – 29 percent

· Hulu or Hulu Plus – 22 percent

Age plays a major role in having taken advantage of “own schedule” viewing opportunities, with 89 percent of Americans ages 18-29 and 90 percent ages 30-39 significantly more likely to have done so than those 40 and over.

With having these services it gives the ability to quickly catch up on past seasons of existing shows, which would give more people the chance to jump into new episodes without any confusion or fuss. On the downside, at least for networks, is this type of viewing plays extreme havoc with ratings.

I personally am a streaming fan when it comes to my sports games. But, it’s only a matter of time before content packagers like HBO come to the realization and understanding that they can simply make more money by going directly to consumers and not through other providers. Streaming has become so convenient, from being able to watch anything on a laptop while traveling or just sitting in the backyard.

You are able to watch shows on an iPad mini, a Kindle Fire, a variety of Android tablets and even watching videos via Smartphone.

It is not your typical ideal experience, yet you can do it just simply because it is all about the convenient, capability to the consumer.

Tell us how you stream!