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Social Media's Influence on Travel

Social media has forever changed how we now book our trips, experience them and talk about them after we’ve returned home. A recent study conducted by TripAdvisor concluded that social media’s presence has had a significant role in influencing and inspiring others to try new vacation destinations.

We often look to online reviews and research for products and services, and researchers found a similar theme when it comes to vacation planning, with 64 percent of those surveyed saying they utilize sites like TripAdvisor for travel research and inspiration.

But thanks to sites like Pinterest, StumbleUpon and Facebook, other social networks are emerging as just as important or “go to” resources on travel destinations.

So much so that one in four TripAdvisor users are connected to Facebook when posting their reviews and 76 percent of TripAdvisor users share their travel experiences via Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

Social media is also making it easier for travelers, with 37 percent reporting that social networks made it easier for them to plan their vacations.

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At The Brandon Agency, we have always advocated the use of photos on all social platforms to increase engagement. Facebook introduced photo albums, the trend simply took off, reinforcing our original vision.

This also appears to be the trend for travelers, with TripAdvisor reporting that now 91 percent of Americans share their trip photos on social media sites across the web, with TripAdvisor alone featuring more than 11 million traveler photos.

Interestingly enough, the primary reason travelers shared their trip experiences via social media was to update friends and family on their whereabouts, with hotels being the top place travelers “check-in” to once they arrive at their destination.

With more than 75 million reviews on TripAdvisor, travel sites and social media are doing something right. Travel is hobby people are passionate about, and these sites not only help guide people with planning vacations, but it serves as a nostalgic tool where people can look back at their memorable vacations.

Do you use sites like TripAdvisor and Facebook to share your vacation memories? Drop us a line and let us know!