Social Media Strategy: It's Time to Stop Just Being Social

Many of you have yet to tap into the world of social media. It’s time to stop talking about it and be about it.

Social media has spread all over the globe in more than one-way and users are utilizing its ability for both personal and business. We are all familiar with the most popular social sites such as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc… but I have two questions for you. First, are you present on all of them? And second, if you are, are you using them to your fullest advantage?

These brilliant social media creations can play a huge role and be the keys to success in building your own brand. It’s all about social media strategy and consistency. Now don’t get the word strategy confused with tool. These social sites are nothing more than a tool for you to use to reinforce your marketing strategy; it is not a strategy in itself. It’s about being consistent with social and using these tools to communicate quickly and often.

Let’s look at Twitter for example; Twitter gives companies the ability to build their brand by communicating with customers quickly and frequently. It is a real time tool that can work as an around the clock customer service hotline and, if you maintain consistency, followers will begin to rely on your brand and develop brand loyalty. It’s simple, not to mention free; your just have to learn how to properly utilize these tools. Much like Twitter, the other social networks work just the same. They are a way to form and build your brand through consistency.

Here are three key tips to an effective social media strategy:

1. Pick your commerce platform; know where your content can compete successfully and where it may get lost

2. Understanding the power of the platform you have chosen; understand and learn about the community and users you are reaching out to

3. Bridge brand content and commerce; social media users are there to be entertained and distracted

So, whether you’re a rookie or experienced social media guru, don’t sit back and let others tell your story for you. Get out there in the social world and claim your brand by promise delivery and allow your brand to leverage itself on other social networks; but prepare to be strategic enough to grow with the change. Now, go experiment!