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Smartphones, Instagram and Pinterest: Only Continuing to Grow

Here at The Brandon Agency, we have seen a lot of changes among social media platforms in the first half of 2012. It is important to stay up-to-date with these trends if constantly working with social media platforms. For the remainder of 2012, we believe Smartphones will rule and Instagram and Pinterest will help make brands become more personable to brand evangelists.

The Smartphone:
A year ago I bought my first Smartphone and wondered how much I would actually use all of the apps and gadgets. Looking back today, I cannot imagine using a laptop more than my Smartphone for my daily needs.
These days, everything I virtually need is on my Smartphone. If I am looking for a new restaurant at which to eat at, I can now use my Smartphone to check my bank account before going, search where the restaurant is located, read reviews and check-in to unlock exclusive deals.
Want to let everyone know you just had the best meal ever while still at the restaurant? No problem. You can tweet the message, post your thoughts on Facebook, pin your meal on Pinterest and Instagram your dessert!
One of the biggest trends we see at The Brandon Agency for the remainder of 2012 is people making the final switch from cell phones to a Smartphone for their social media needs. Smartphones and mobile apps are only going to get more robust and must have as the year continues.
My prediction is by the end of 2012, the majority people with Smartphones will turn to their social media apps before their computer.
Instagram & Pinterest:
With social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, brands are trying to relate to their customers more than ever. For the remainder of 2012, we believe even more brands will show up on Instagram and Pinterest.
Brands want the public to know that they have personalities too and Instagram and Pinterest are leading the way for unique personalities to shine through. More than ever, companies are able to show their humor, insight and worldly perspective through these platforms.
Our client Southern Tide has benefited from the success of Instagram and Pinterest in recent months. Southern Tide already boasts more than 650 followers and more than 450 followers on Pinterest. What Southern Tide does well is making sure their brand values and insights are clearly defined and conveyed to their evangelists.
Southern Tide social media
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Southern Tide social media
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Drop us a line and let us know what social media trends you think will become bigger throughout the rest of 2012!