Resurgence of Print

A year ago everyone I know jumped on the “Print is Dead” bandwagon. I kind of laughed a little to myself because although subscriptions were decreasing and some newspapers ended up folding – I still continued to place media buys in print. WHY WOULD I DO THIS you are probably asking yourself!! Well, as I pick up the local newspaper I see 5 ads. I would much prefer for one of my clients to be one of those 5 ads then not be. Don’t get me wrong, content marketing on the web is here to stay – but I believe in a media mix that is going to get the message out. So, why not try it? And honestly, it works. All you have to do is add a coupon, a text code or a website and you can easily have a tracking system to measure your progress. This approach also trickles over to direct mail. Be honest, how many direct mail pieces are you getting in the mail now-a-days. Not too many, right? Personally my mail has dwindled to non-existent unless it’s a no-fun bill to pay. Less competition in the mailbox is going to warrant the consumer less frustration flicking through the stack and to pay more attention to your message. Less competition and more attention… sounds like a winner to me. I also would like to say BRAVO to magazines like “People Magazine” that give free ipad access to subscribers. Maintaining or growing your subscription database while building consistent brand loyalty through their online tools is pure marketing genius. Whoever came up with this idea – I hope you got a raise.

Lastly I would like to add – how many of you have ipads, smartphones, laptops, computers, ipods, facebook, twitter, foursquare accounts, etc, etc, etc. Isnt it nice to unplug once in awhile and settle down with a magazine? Speaking of which – I have a “Real Simple” to read.

Some last minute thoughts on why you should include print in your media mix:

• Magazines create deeper connections and relationships then digital media.
• Magazine readerships in the 18-34 segment continues to grow.
• Magazines and newspapers have become the ideal complement to their digital counterparts.
• Magazines continue to be the #1 item for last minute purchase at the check out counters.
• Newspapers remain strong in the 35+ demographic.
• Magazines and newspapers are tangible mediums to distribute coupons or sale papers.
• Direct Mail gives you the ability to specifically target a demographic without the clutter of competitors.