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Reposting on Instagram

When I set out to write this blog, I originally was going to feature one of my favorite Instagram companion apps, Repost. I had been using it for some of our clients for the past couple of months and have loved it. But to my dismay, when I went to check out their website for further blogging research, I was greeted with a “We are shutting down due to lack of funding…” message. This is a common occurrence for social media managers. Since a lot of the software and apps we need to manage our communities is new to the industry, we find often ourselves with a lot of beta version products. Needless to say, it was a sad day in Instagram reposting history.

So that brings me to my new journey. Spending an afternoon in the App Store, researching and testing every Instagram reposting app out there. For our social media department at the Brandon Agency, it is important to be able to share our fan’s content on ANY platform, especially Instagram. User generated content always does well, no matter what platform. And with apps like these, we have a creative way to give them credit where credit is due. I think it’s a great way to feature fans that obviously love our client’s brands and products enough to share photos and videos about them online, and to say “Thank you” for the great content.

Having said that, I think I have found what could be a great replacement for my beloved Repost… Behold the wonder and beauty of Repost & Regram for Instagram ($1.99, App Store)

Now, normally I would say, go for the free apps when possible, but this is a case when it really makes sense to splurge on the $1.99 pro version, especially in my case, when you are doing work for clients. Most of the free repost apps you see nowadays leave their own “watermark” on the images you are reposting. So for these apps specifically, spend the extra money to upgrade which includes no watermarks. Not only is R&R functional, reposting photos and videos, it has been virtually glitch-free since I have started using it. Another bonus with the pro version…no ads! Happy Reposting!

Do you have a favorite Instagram reposting app you love? Tell us about it!