Facebook custom audiences

Reach your current customers on Facebook with Custom Audiences

Facebook ads have come out with quite a few new announcements lately, and while most of the time these updates seem to just offer more options and make advertising on the platform even more intimidating, businesses now have even more tools to reach existing customers through Facebook Ads with Custom Audiences—it might finally offer a light at the end of the tunnel.

According to the Facebook for Business page, the new feature will be available to limited numbers of US advertisers this week, but will be available to all users by the end of November. The new feature lets users upload existing contact lists for ad targeting, which will allow even small businesses to target their Facebook ads to current customers and prospects in their database.

Here are some more important takeaways from the latest update:

  • In addition to uploading customer email lists, Facebook now allows Mailchimp lists to be uploaded and used for ad targeting.
  • Marketers can now target current offline customers with ad campaigns, offering exclusive promotions and offers, helping to bring those loyal customers online.
  • Marketers looking to attract new customers can exclude current customers from campaigns, so money isn’t wasted on advertising to people who are already on their list.

Businesses could potentially see a higher ROI on their Facebook ads, with higher conversion rates and more cost effective ad campaigns. Previously, the feature was only available through Facebook’s API and Power Editor tool, but can now be used with any Facebook ad interface.

We want to know your thoughts. Will you be trying Custom Audiences for your business?