Pinterest. A New Way of Collecting Online Inspiration

About a month ago, I remember being at our office and hearing someone mention Pinterest. A few people then shared their experiences with it, but now it has turned into a frenzy, with all I am hearing now is “I am addicted to Pinterest!”

It’s easy to see why people have become addicted to the virtual pinboard that allows you to create “boards” to save and post items you like across the Internet.

But it’s not only great for your personal creativity; it’s also a useful tool to promote your business.

Here are some ways you can use Pinterest to promote your brand:

1. Incorporate the “Pin It” button on your website, allowing users to pin your brand’s products right to Pinterest boards from your website. This will also allow other Pinterest users a link back to your website, in turn, driving traffic. You can also include links back your website on product photos you pin to your own boards.

2. Allow fans to contribute to your boards. This is great for two reasons. The first being contests. Ask users to upload and pin their photos wearing or using your products to a specific contest board to win a prize. The second reason is research. There is only so much you can find out through insights and analytics about your customers, but asking them to pin things, for example, their favorite style trends or their favorite “place to go on vacation.” Even asking them to post “what inspires them,” will also give even more insight into just who exactly your customers are.

3. You have an account to promote your brand, but don’t get caught up with too much shameless self-promotion. Remember to share with your customers what your brand is all about, create boards for employees to share their interests with customers and what inspires them to create the products that make your brand.

Right now, the platform is available by invite only, but you can always go to their website and request one at

Happy Pinning!