Our Brother's Keeper, and Sisters, too!

Despite all the negativity that fills our days through television, newspapers and even “the man on the street’, we are citizens of the greatest country on earth and those of us who are blessed with good health and jobs should reach out to those who are not so fortunate. Opportunities abound such as; supporting a local charity or charities, not just with money, but also your time, being active in your own church family and community, volunteering in schools or simply reaching out “one on one” as you see a need. Here at The Brandon Agency, we encourage our associates to be active in community service.

We have a business team that actively supports United Way by giving a “Day of Caring” to a chosen civic organization, plus soliciting pledges and contributions from other businesses. In addition, we participate in the employee payroll deduction program for United Way. On an annual basis as a agency, we choose from various organizations such as; March of Dimes, CASA, Salvation Army, Make-a-Wish, Heart Association, and donate our marketing and creative skills to assist them. With the holiday season approaching, we will see so much we can do, but let us remember, the need is there all year! Come on corporate America; let’s open our hearts and our purses.