My Issues with Pinterest for Brands

For the past six months of using my personal Pinterest account, I have been so obsessed and mesmerized by it, I never really thought I could I could find a problem with it, until I started using it for businesses and brands.

When Pinterest started exploding, I can’t say I didn’t think about how it would work for brands once or twice. I wasn’t sure if the site would embrace the brand community and conform to accommodate businesses, much like Facebook did, or if we were going to have to get this movement going on it’s own.

Now, Pinterest has made some strides to make it easier for businesses and brands to have a presence on the site, including “Pin It” buttons for websites, easier collaboration on group boards and now integration with Flickr. It is clear that a growing part of social media strategy now includes Pinterest for brands.

But the one thing they don’t have, and I realized we needed, was batch photo uploading.

Sure, you can just login as your brand and pin your items from their website, or other websites, but what about completely new material?

New products debuting on Pinterest before any other social site or website, literally take forever to upload. Leveraging the platform for firsts and Pinterest -only content is a lot tougher without a faster and easier way to upload multiple photos at once.

Sure, I can use Google+ to batch upload and then pin from my Google+ photo album, but I still have to go and edit each individual pin, to reflect the actually website we want the photo to link back to, and not the Google+ page.

Which brings me to another issue, having to go in and edit individual pins to make sure they link back to the correct URL is another time consuming task I could very much do without.

So, for the time being, I will keep my fingers crossed that Pinterest will eventually show some love for the brands and make it a little easier for their social media managers.