Facebook shopping

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Sincerely, Facebook.

Right in time for the holiday season, Facebook recently re-launched their gifting application. Facebook users can once again send one another gifts with a click of a mouse.

The new layout and improved concept can be viewed here.

FB gifting

According to Mashable, Facebook has given Facebook gifts another try to increase engagement, generate new revenue and to collect data for research purposes.

Facebook describes their gifts as “Real moments. Real Gifts.”

At first glance, we at The Brandon Agency like the idea/concept, as it is simple and easy to send a gift to a friend.

First, you can pick a gift for your friend, add the message you want and then it’s ready to ship. The person receiving the gift will then be notified via Facebook of the gift.

From here, the person getting the gift will enter their shipping information and (get this!) can even swap out what they received for something different.

This is an awesome option, because while we all know while teddy bears are cute, they aren’t exactly useful. After shipping information is received, the gift arrives at your front door, all wrapped and ready for Christmas.

Recommended gifts

Although the idea of this concept seems simple, we wonder how many people will actually follow through and use the program. After all, Facebook shut down its original gift giving service in 2010 after a lack of interest and use with Facebook users.

During the holiday season, we all find ourselves a little rushed for buying gifts.

Doing so online can be an easy solution for those of us with busy schedules and limited time to make it to the mall.

However, there is something a little impersonal about buying a Facebook gift and giving it to someone over a social media platform. Facebook describes the gift application as “real moments,” but we wonder how people would feel if they were notified of receiving a monetary gift on social media. Would it feel sincere and heartfelt?

We’re still not totally sure.

Will you be gifting via Facebook this holiday season? Have you received or given a Facebook gift yet? Let us know!