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Media Lists: Don't Fix and Forget

Media lists are an essential part of every public relations professional’s career. We dedicate a decent amount of our time to researching publications and to finding the new, appropriate editorial contacts needed to build those golden media lists that every public relations professional yearns for. Once you create these strong media lists – for the love of God, do NOT forget about them.

You’ve created those lists, put in the hours of research needed to fix them, and shed too much blood, sweat and tears to forget about them. (OK, maybe blood is a bit dramatic – but you get the point.) So, we came up with a few helpful tips on how to fix those killer media lists and to NOT forget about them.

We all know the basic steps on how to create a solid media list. Assess the target audience; research relevant media outlets; find the right contact (because there is nothing worse than contacting a food editor when you need a sports editor – save yourself the embarrassment); organize all of your information in a clean format with your preferred database; and last, but certainly not least, update those lists!

Updating Is Key
We cannot stress enough how important it is to update your media lists on a regular basis. Media contacts change positions or even move into different areas of expertise, so make sure to double and triple check your contacts to make sure they’re accurate. Keep your eyes peeled – read industry news articles often so you can monitor changes to know whether the outlets are shifting or ceasing to exist, as well as to stay updated on the additions of new editors, producers and so forth. It’s a lot of work, but staying on top of all the different industry changes is extremely important to ensure that your media lists are relevant and up to date.

Since you’ve put in all these hours updating your lists, now, utilize them! Do NOT forget. Set a reminder, put sticky notes on your computer, whatever it takes to help you remember to put those lists to work.

When you neglect media outreach, you’re not only hurting your reputation, you’re hurting your client. The goal is to generate earned media coverage to help your clients reach their potential. To do so, start with those up-to-date, strong media lists and make yourself, your team and your clients proud. Use that up-to-date, pristine list and regularly reach out to media members to ultimately create long-lasting relationships while becoming a trusted source of information.

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Great media lists aren’t just important; they are vital. We use them every day at The Brandon Agency to engage our clients with targeted media and get the earned media coverage they deserve. Contact us today— we’ll put our business-building ideas to work for you and your business!