Peyton Manning

Internet Hoaxes: What Is Really True Online?

Peyton Manning has not only one, but two broken legs? This is completely and 100 percent false. However, after these rumors were flying around Twitter and other social networks, it got many believing it could be true. The Peyton Manning hoax is a great example of how Social Media has become the place to get the latest news. The problem is deciding if you want to believe if it is indeed accurate information.

The false story stated that Manning’s BMW was hit by an older female driver in the Denver area after she ran a red light. Twitter began to immediately respond to what was going on. Many tweeted “Peyton Manning’s Done” and “Peyton Manning with TWO broken legs?” Everyone was wondering the same thought, could this really be true? Many believed it was until video was released of Manning on training camp on Saturday, clearly with zero broken legs.

This hasn’t been the first rumor to get the public fired up on twitter, and it certainly won’t be the last. There have been many injury and death hoaxes on the Internet due to a site called All a person has to do is enter a celebrity name and then browse pre-formatted fake stories to make a hoax. The idea of the site is to prank friends, but instead this site has made many viral rumors leaving the general public distraught and confused.

There comes a point when enough is enough. However with sites like these hoaxes and false stories will never end. As we stated in our blog last week, if it seems bizarre and untrue, then it probably is. The best way is to do your research by looking for the story on Google and see if it comes from reliable sources that are creditable.

At The Brandon Agency we know that there will always be people in the world who feel the need to make up such bizarre stories. We want to know what you think; do you believe everything you hear on Social Media platforms?