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In COVID-19’s Wake, Consumers Rank Cleanliness As Their No. 1 Concern When Choosing a Gym

When it comes to consumers’ mindsets regarding a post-pandemic return to gyms, one of the top precautions taken to curtail the spread of the coronavirus — diligent cleaning and sanitation practices — seems to be holding sway even as the pandemic ebbs. This finding, revealing that consumers consider cleanliness to be their most important consideration when choosing a post-pandemic gym, was one of many industry-relevant insights delivered by a recent nationwide survey of health and fitness consumers conducted by The Brandon Agency.

A takeaway-filled study

The TBA survey, conducted March 29 through April 1, 2021, and entitled “The 2021 National Fitness & Nutrition Consumer Study,” offers a range of insights for the health and fitness industry, along with many actionable takeaways for owners and managers of health- and fitness-related businesses. Just a few of the interesting facts the marketing research study revealed regarding the mindset of post-pandemic health and fitness consumers:

  • When evaluating or deciding to join a gym or fitness center after the pandemic, 81% of surveyed fitness consumers said they consider cleanliness a priority. This leading priority was followed closely by considerations including the quality of the gym’s equipment (78%), the gym’s ability to facilitate social-distancing measures (74%) and the variety of the gym’s equipment (74%). The remaining considerations noted were price (which 68% of respondents considered a priority), staff experience (62%), specialized group classes (46%) and pool/juice bar/amenities (45%).
  • On the other end of the spectrum, the percentage of respondents to the survey question detailed above who considered gym cleanliness to be a non-priority was just 4%. Other “not a priority” percentages included 2% for the quality of a gym’s equipment, 6% for the ability to social distance, 4% for the variety of a gym’s equipment, 4% for price, 7% for staff experience, 25% for specialized group classes and 32% for pool/juice bar/amenities.
  • Among employed respondents to the same survey question who said they expect to work from home frequently over the next 12 months, cleanliness was still considered a top priority, but it was tied in the top spot with the ability to social distance — with the percentages for each coming in at 85%. This group also deviated from the full respondent group with their other answers, with 82% each considering variety of equipment and quality of equipment to be priorities, followed by price and staff experience (each at 76%), pool/juice bar/amenities (67%), and specialized group classes (66%).

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