Facebook supports hashtags

#Hashtags Officially Supported by Facebook

Each day there are millions of people sharing their thoughts by posting them to Facebook. Now there is a way to connect with people all over the world who are talking about the same topics and ideas. This may sound very familiar as Twitter, Instagram and other social platforms have the same function. There were many rumors going around to whether or not Facebook would be using hashtags. It has now been announced as of Wednesday, June 12th 2013 that Facebook will be supporting this function.

If you are unaware of how this will work or what a hashtag is, here is an example. Let’s say during the Superbowl you decide to make a Facebook post about the game. Your post includes something like, “Let’s Go #Steelers” or “Watching the #Superbowl.” Facebook will take the words that you have put after the hashtag and group them. This will allow other users to interact about the game by searching for specific keywords. Also, if you are an Instagram user who uses hashtags and you post to Facebook it will group the same way. Now if you do decide to try it out and search for a specific topic, be sure to use the hashtag before the keyword you are looking for.

The question to us with The Brandon Agency’s social media team is do we want to have hashtags on Facebook?

Aside from brand pages, Facebook is more of a semi-secluded way for friends and family to connect.

Yes, Facebook will still follow the same privacy policy that it always has, allowing users to monitor who views posts.

I personally think hashtags should be kept to other social platforms like Twitter. I feel that Twitter is used for news and what is going on right in the moment, which makes hashtags acceptable as you will want to see what everyone else is thinking about the latest topic.

What are you thoughts on Facebook officially using hashtags? Will you use them?