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Growing Trends in Backyard Gardening Offer Fertile Marketing Opportunities

Without a doubt, the world has recently seen a dramatic increase in the number of people digging into the hobby of backyard gardening. And it makes perfect sense, especially considering that the global pandemic forced many of us to stay at home for long stretches of 2020 and 2021. Looking for ways to occupy themselves around the house, people are taking the time to beautify their personal spaces, and are meanwhile creating a stronger, more comfortable sense of place.

For brands whose offerings put them squarely in the middle of this space, as well as those on its periphery, the question has become: Where is my entry point with these consumers?

In this article, we’ll offer multiple answers to that question. But first, let’s establish a clear understanding of today’s top home-gardening trends so that you can ensure you align your brand with one or more of them in the most advantageous (and lucrative) ways possible.

Trend #1: Remarkable growth in gardening

The top trend being seen in the gardening world is, well, a huge spurt of growth in the popularity of gardening itself. The worldwide increase in people’s general interest in gardening has delivered a bumper crop of gardeners who are brand-new to the hobby. And of course, as many of these new gardeners have yet to develop a green thumb, large portions of them are looking to learn.

Pro marketing tip: Do the homework needed to fully understand how these new-to-gardening consumers are behaving — things like consumer surveys, consumer profiling, research groups, etc. can go a long way toward tapping into their mindset and comprehending their needs. And considering the current makeup of this consumer audience, keep a couple key points in mind:

  • There are a lot of newbies around who are in the early stages of taking up the hobby, so don’t overlook the basics. These wealth of gardening newcomers presents a major opportunity to establish and strengthen your brand’s relationship with these consumers.
  • Make it easy for them, and they will reciprocate.

Trend #2: An emphasis on sustainable gardening

Perhaps in part due to the earth-aware nature of their hobby, gardeners tend to be particularly mindful of practicing environmentally friendly habits. As a result, many are eager to adopt sustainable gardening habits such as composting, focusing on native plants, practicing water conservation, employing organic methods, etc.

Pro marketing tip: What starts as a simple backyard garden can always grow into bigger concepts like water conservation, composting, and creating greater efficiency and higher levels of sustainability throughout the growing cycles. Think ahead to anticipate what these budding gardeners may need down the road as they put more time (and money) into their passion. Show them how to take a better approach. Save them a trip, and you can save them a headache — and begin to win their loyalty.

Trend #3: Creating personal getaway spaces

A big part of gardening’s allure is the sense of calm and relaxation it fosters in those who pursue it. And as more consumers take up the hobby, large numbers of homeowners’ backyards — and, in the case of urban farming, rooftops and balconies — are being transformed into personal oases where the gardeners (and their family members) can get away from the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives to decompress.

Pro marketing tip: Keep in mind that in the current environment, many of today’s pandemic-wary consumers are spending most of their time — and their money — in the home. Share your brand’s solutions for making their homes’ outdoor living areas more relaxing, along with your brand’s expertise in creating environments that are perfect for the at-home personal getaway.

Trend #4: Growing in an array of spaces

With more consumers cooking meals at home more often, in addition to COVID-related food shortages that have led to increasing concerns about food availability, more people are planting gardens in outside-the-norm spaces like the kitchen or the basement. As a result, consumers are increasingly realizing that home gardens don’t have to be confined to raised garden beds — less-conventional and indoor spaces can also play host to their vegetable or herb gardens.

Pro marketing tip: Don’t take creativity for granted. Wherever your consumer’s “there” may be for their garden, help them reach it — and improve upon it. Further, use your brand’s owned media to continue showing and highlighting how people are using your products. And don’t forget that user-generated content can be super helpful for your audience members, along with being especially inspiring for them, so encourage its creation and sharing as much as you can.

Trend #5: Creatively using containers

Container gardening has been around for ages. But as gardening itself has seen a substantial growth spurt over the last couple years, the practice of planting in unconventional receptacles has also experienced a corresponding popularity surge. As mentioned above, gardens are going up in all-new (and not always conventional) spaces — and simultaneously, gardeners are getting more creative with the containers they put their crops in, as well as with the types of plants they’re growing in them. (And also of note, these days, they’re going beyond strictly planting annuals.)

Pro marketing tip: Give some serious thought to your products’ packaging: Could it become a container for growing something? For example, members of this consumer group are turning old galvanized buckets, discarded wagon wheels and discarded coffee pots into planters — could you preplan your packaging in a way that taps into trends like these? This growing trend could create a real opportunity to boost consumer preference for your brand based on its packaging.

Trend #6: Taking learning (and buying) online

Just as with nearly all other aspects of home life during the pandemic, consumers are taking their garden-related educational forays and purchases online, too. In the process, a number of online publications and stores have seen their visits — and sales — grow like a weed.

Pro marketing tip: Make buying on your website as easy as possible for your customers. Whether it’s purchasing online and picking up in the store, buying online and having the package shipped or any other convenience-adding digital procurement option, make sure you are offering online consumers the options they want … and making all of them as painless as possible for them.

Trend #7: Getting the kids into the gardening game

As we all know, the grown-ups haven’t been the only ones stuck at home during the pandemic. The kids have experienced the COVID-related lockdown, too, and parents everywhere have been looking for creative ways to get them out from behind the screens and outside. Of course, the garden offers a great way to do just that, as well as a great way to keep them entertained and busy.

Pro marketing tip: Find ways for your brand to help families connect and create bonds/memories together. Further, encourage your customers to make gardening more than a just a hobby and help them to develop it into a long-term passion. In the process, you’ll help to create lifetime customers who keep coming back for your brand’s offerings again and again.

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